Review of TMNT Mutanimals #3

IDW’s TMNT continuity gets a brand new miniseries! This time around the focus is on the MUTANIMALS!!!! That’s right Old Hob, Mondo, Slash, Herman, and the others are in the spotlight!! Here’s TFG1Mike’s slightly SPOILER FILLED Review of Issue #3!

TMNT Mutanimals #3

LOOK AT THAT COVER!!!! I love that!!! This series NEEDS MORE MONDO!!! So the Mutanimals were in a very sticky situation last time. Now they have to reunite, break the mutants out, and fight the Null Group… All in one action packed issue. The creative team here as per the usual for this series is Paul Allor on writing, Andy Kuhn on art, and Nick Filardi on colors. They all rock it out in this issue!!!!

TMNT Mutanimals #3 Page 1


Paul Allor continues his character building for the MIGHTY MUTANIMALS, and the rest of the cast in this series. At this point three issues into the four issue mini series… I’m wondering where any of these characters outside of the MUTANIMALS will show up in the main series???? I really enjoy the way Allor defines each mutanimal, and how they all have one or two things in common, yet they all come from different backgrounds. In this issue Allor lets his RAGE out with Slash getting to lose control of himself! I was kinda shocked that was what they did. But it is a reminder to us longtime IDW TMNT fans of where Slash started. The one thing that I wasn’t too thrilled with in this issue was the whole Lindsey Jillian fighting thing. I get it needed to happen, I just feel it went 1 panel too many. I do think that it’s a great idea to have Lindsey as a character, but not too sure what kinda future she might have in the IDW TMNT universe. At least not at this point. Just a nitpick here, but there wasn’t enough of Herman shootin’ stuff up. I get with this being the penultimate issue of the mini, that they are wanting to plan out the final attack. However I wanna read more about Herman and Mondo. What I’m really surprised at with Allor’s writing here is that Hob seems to have really calmed down. He’s not all gung-ho ready to fight. He wants to help come up with a plan. Which is a nice character turn for him! Considering that “flea biter” usually just went in blazing in the past.

TMNT Mutanimals #3 Page 2


Andy Kuhn’s art is wonderfully delivered here. The man really has captured the awesome essence of each character in this series. The mutanimals look spectacular, and the others look just as impressive. The attention to detail is superbly done. Facial features on every character tick and really pop off the page. Especially during Slash’s HULKED OUT scenes!!! Between Andy Kuhn’s drawing and Nick Filardi’s colors… Mutagen Man has never looked more imposing. Well at least at the very end of the issue. The rest of the time he just looks as if he is a lost soul. Which he kinda is. I can’t wait to see what these artists do with the final issue’s battle!

TMNT Mutanimals #3 Page 3

Final Thoughts:

Mutanimals #3 is let’s get prepared for battle. It shows a bit of each side’s strategy, and gives us even more character development for the mutanimals! You can get TMNT Mutanimals #3 now at your local comic shop, or digitally on Comixology. Can’t wait til issue #4 to see how this all ends……

TMNT Mutanimals #3 Page 4

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Really Liked It!


Mutanimals #3 is an interesting lead up to the final battle between Null and the Mutanimals! We get 2 new mutants and we get more conflict than you'd normally see in a penultimate issue. I mean there had to be the jailbreak right!!!!

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