Review of TMNT Mutanimals #4

IDW’s TMNT continuity gets a brand new miniseries! This time around the focus is on the MUTANIMALS!!!! That’s right Old Hob, Mondo, Slash, Herman, and the others are in the spotlight!! Here’s TFG1Mike’s slightly SPOILER FILLED Review of Issue #4 the final issue of the series!

TMNT Mutanimals #4

The mutanimals story comes to an epic end here in the final issue. We pick up right where issue #3 left off, with Seymour getting ready to blow himself up, and take the Null Corp with him! I have to say that this miniseries kinda surprised me. Both in a good and bad way. The good was all the awesome character development, and building the mutanimals up. In the CORE IDW TMNT series we have really only seen the mutanimals here and there to the point right before this series was released. I’m glad that IDW decided to do this, it really shows that their TMNT books are touching on every aspect of the TMNT franchise. As far as the bad surprises….. ummm… there were moments where I didn’t really care about Lindsey and Jillian. It was a side note to me compared to what the mutanimals were doing. Also the villain Null herself, she was scary at times, which was great, but then there were times when she felt like a common foot soldier. All in all though I was very thrilled at reading this series! Let me give you might thoughts on the final issue!

TMNT Mutanimals #4 Page 1


Paul Allor gives us an interesting end to the Mutanimals series. There is no… “BUT WAIT … THERE’S MORE!!!” cliffhanger, there’s no…. but the villain will be back. I mean that last statement is kinda in there. After all the Null Corp can always rebuild, but you know what I mean…. the villains don’t come in at the end saying that they’ll be back! (<– hey that’s Arnold’s line!) I love the way Allor writes the mutanimals honestly the best outta the team for me is Mondo and Herman. I love how those two interact. I really enjoyed how Allor has written Hob, the cat has kinda calmed down, and seen the light of day for a bit. Then there is Slash. Slash has always been awesome in the IDW TMNT series, but here we see how he might get if pushed too far. We also get to see how his friends react to that. Again I can’t stress enough that the TMNT series is all about character building, and that everyone no matter what group you are in is a family! I am very interested to see what Paul Allor writes next for TMNT!

TMNT Mutanimals #4 Page 2


Andy Kuhn continues to be a very awesome artist with this series. Nick Filardi is on colors and joining them is the TMNT colorist to the stars of the series Ronda Pattison! First off can we talk about the 1987 animated series tribute to the robots pictured above? HOLY CRAP when I saw those I was like…. “HEY”! I always love it when we can get references to others aspects of the TMNT franchise in any of the IDW comics!  I love Kuhn’s lines on the characters, and the drawing of Mutagen Man is simply awesome, although this design makes me think he’s a Mars Attacks rejected character LOL! As per usual I love the backgrounds, and settings of the story. I can’t say enough about Filardi and Pattison’s colors!

TMNT Mutanimals #4 Page 3

What I’ve loved about IDW and the TMNT books is that they have a deep pool of mutated artists! Well I’m sure the artists aren’t mutated, but you get the point. From Dan Duncan to Ben Bates, Mateus Santolouco to Cory Smith, and so many more! Andy Kuhn has cemented his part of IDW’s TMNT legacy here with the Mutanimals! Look at Seymour with that rocket launcher! That art is gorgeous! That family image at the very end just goes to show you that the Mutanimals are going to be kickin’ ass for a long time to come!

TMNT Mutanimals #4 Page 4

Final Thoughts:

Mutanimals #4 is a great final issue. It’s a full on fight with the mutanimals vs Null, and we even get a few character building scenes here! You can get TMNT Mutanimals #4 now at your local comic shop, or digitally on Comixology. I am super interested in seeing what’s next for the MIGHTY MUTANIMALS!

TMNT Mutanimals #4 Page 5

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