Review of TMNT New Animated Adventures FCBD 2013


TMNT The New Animated Adventures premiered in comic form on May 4, 2013! Which was FREE COMIC BOOK DAY!!! See the cartoon pop onto the pages of new comics! This will be a SPOILER FREE Review!!!

TMNT NAA FCBD 2013 Cover

When I went to FREE Comic Book day this year at The Great Escape in Louisville, KY, I wasn’t sure what I would find. Then out of the corner of my eye I spotted this! I LOVE the 2012 TMNT Animated Series on Nickelodeon, and I’m so very happy that it’s getting it’s own ongoing series! This is kinda the introduction to that new ongoing that was just released this month. The story is done by Erik Burnham, art by Dario Brizuela, and editing from Bobby Curnow.



I’ve never read Erik Burnham, but geeezzz is he tapped into the personalities of the Turtles! Reading this it’s like I’m watching an episode of the cartoon. Every character is spot on with the writing and characteristics. This story has Master Splinter teaching the Turtles a very valuable lesson. A ninja is prepared for anything! I’m not sure how much else I can write here, because it’s supposed to be a Spoiler Free review. In short it’s very interesting, funny, and was an awesome read. You will have to read it for yourself to find out what happens. I will say the villains of the issue are The Purple Dragons and Boxter Steakman… I uh mean Baxter Stockman. Overall superb writing!!!


I can’t wait to see what else the new ongoing does. Sadly it’s not Erik Burnham on that, but still looking forward to see what adventures the Turtles go on!!! If you are a Turtles fan find this issue you’ll enjoy it.



Dario Brizuela does an impressive job on the art. It’s like they ripped the characters and style straight from the cartoon. That is most definitely a good thing. Every character is spot on. Yes I know I’ve used that term multiple times in this review. However it’s very true! So interesting to see the turtles in this 2-D form, and loving every minute of it.


Final Thoughts:

Everything about this FREE Comic Book Day issue was excellent, tubular, awesome, and radical!!!! The ongoing is gonna be great!!!!!

Favorite Line: “Keep makin’ up words, and I’m gonna haveta whack you with your own stick!” -Raph to Donnie

Final Rating:


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