Review of Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters #3

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TF Prime Beast Hunters #3 is here!!! I am loving this series! I love the arc of two parter stories!  Here is my SPOILER FREE review of the third issue. Starting a brand new story… What will Grimlock and Swoop find under all that rubble??


As stated above I love the story arcs that this series will do… Meaning that they seam to be 2 parters every 2 issues. So issues 1-2 are a complete tale, and so on. I think that is a great way to tell a story with the Dinobots. As far as the covers… CVR A shown above is the Dinobots in space!! That is just awesome!


The retailer incentive cover is an image of Optimus Prime with his new body from Season 3 of Transformers Prime. I like that they are doing this with the RI stuff. Granted OP has nothing to do with the comic, but it’s nice seeing the crossover with covers. Plus it’s a Retailer Incentive, not everyone will even get this cover.


Hell yeah! Badass Soundwave!!!!!!! Love the SUB Cover!!!!! I’m glad that IDW is doing subscription covers at the same regular cover price. Once again I love the whole tie in with the cartoon series. For me these covers are just super cool. Who cares if the character on the cover has nothing to do with the story.

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Mike Johnson is the main writer for this issue, and the story flows well from what has happened in the previous issues. However I can so tell between Mairghread’s writing and his. I’m not sure if this is a bad thing or not. I enjoyed the story for the most part, but I find it strange that Grimlock is all of a sudden chipper enough to go on a mission. I get it the entire time he is a grumpy Grimmy, but yikes we went from depressed sitting on a throne Grimlock, to Grimlock ready for battle. I will say that there is a nice touch in the writing with Sludge and Slag. I love Swoop he is by far my favorite Dinobot, however my only knowledge of him is the G1 cartoon. I do not remember him talking as much. That’s an interesting way to separate him from the rest of the Dinos. I’ll give Mike Johnson credit for really attempting to distinguish the Dinos from each other. This way we don’t just think, hey what was that one Dinobots’ name again?

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Padilla has been cloned or something. This doesn’t look like the same gorgeous art we had gotten in the first two issues. At times the backgrounds are very grainy, and not shiny at all. Iy’s almost as if it’s two different people doing art. I do like Padilla’s shading and use of make Grimlock’s and Swoop’s eyes glow. That was a neat touch, but when I saw Swoop for the first time in this issue, I was like wait did a kid draw this? The style is so very different, it seems as if Padilla woke up and forgot how to draw shiny stuff. I’m not sure if the grittier art is what he was going for here. There are only several moments in the book where I liked the art.

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Final Thoughts:

If you have been reading this series, I’m not sure if this is the issue that would make you say yup I’m done. I believe it has flaws, but it still tells the story on Cybertron well. I’m hoping with issue 4 that Augustin Padilla’s art gets better. For the art alone, and my distaste for it I have to give this issue a three outta five stars. I just didn’t have the same excitement as I did reading through the first two issues. I’d say if you have been reading this series grab this, and see what you think.


Final Rating: 


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