Review of Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters #4

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TF Prime Beast Hunters #4 is here!!! I am loving this series! I love the arc of two parter stories!  Here is my SPOILER FREE review of the fourth issue. Continuing the story from issue #3, what will be the outcome of Dynobot clones attacking Last Spark???


The Regular cover of issue 4 is a lie!!!! There are no Insecticons anywhere in this issue! I still think it’s a cool cover, but I’d rather have the SUB CVR of Megatron staring into your soul!


Now that’s a badass looking subscription cover! Absolutely love the animated series feel with these SUB covers.

Page 5


Mike Johnson picked it up in this second half of this two part story. It was a fun read beginning to end. I’m not sure if the following statement is SPOILER or not, but you have been WARNED! This entire issue felt like I was watching a monster movie with the Dinobots starring in it. The characters feel as if they are settling into life of the destered and barren planet of Cybertron, and they have to help the citizens of Last Spark. Then we see Swoop and Grimlock facing off against the monsters of the week… I uh.. mean Shockwave’s dyno clones… or whatever they are. I feel as if there was more action less talking in this issue. Well except for the ZOOM character, which until he got ambushed I didn’t care for him at all. They are writing him as if he’s the red headed step child of some abomination Blurr and Wheelie had!

Other then that minor nitpick with the story, everything with the Dinobots themselves is damn good. Glad Mike Johnson stepped up the story in this second half. I also find it interesting just how this story is progressing towards eventually meeting up with the characters from the cartoon series. YES that is not a spoiler, it has been announced at several cons!

Page 14


Padilla’s art excels once again, all the way til the very last page. I thought as I was reading this issue that it was a “get down ‘n dirty” kinda style that Padilla was using. I enjoyed it, because as I stated before it was a fast read. The last page feels as if Slimer came along and slimed the Dinobots! I did enjoy the breakout moment Slag, YES I said SLAG not Slug had! That was an awesome rage filled moment when  he attacked the monster that hit zoom…? I’m hoping for a more consistent art style from Augustin in the coming issues.

Lockin' Horns with Slag

Final Thoughts:

Overall TFP Beast Hunters #4 was a damn good read, it had story, without overbearing us on expositional material. It excels in the action department. If you have been reading Beast Hunters don’t stop now, and go get issue #4 out everywhere right now!!! I’m gonna give this a 4 outta 5 stars, because I did really like it. However 1 star gets taken off for the crappy looking Zoom character, the fact that Zoom is an annoying character, and the last page looks as if it was rushed out by a bike messenger!


Final Rating: 


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