Review of Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters #5

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TF Prime Beast Hunters #5 is here!!! I am loving this series! I love the arc of two parter stories!  Here is my SPOILER FREE review of the fifth issue. Continuing the adventures of the Dinobots in Underground Cybertron. A event now shakes up the Cybertronians’ world!


The Regular cover of issue 5 showcases Grimlock in the spotlight this time, and he’s holding up the world! The Retail Incentive cover is PredaKing with a purple background! I miss the Subscription covers! however the main cover for issue 5 is damn cool. The RI cover is great as well, but neither really are mind blowing.



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Mairghread Scott takes the lead for this new story. I love how she writes the characters, not to detract from Mike Johnson’s approach, but Mairghread’s writing style is more enjoyable for me. I understand that they are writing the book together, but issue #3 was like woah! what happened? At least for me it was. In this issue it’s all from Snarl’s point of view, and I gotta say I love Snarl! Love the way Ms. Scott tells the story through his eyes. I really enjoyed how the story changed from Last Spark to New Kalis, and the Dinobots throne room. I thought that was a brilliant way of telling one story. Having multiple events going on at the same time. I have no idea what else I can say that won’t be spoiler filled. It’s just damn good writing. I really am enjoying the arcs in Beast Hunters. Thankfully Mairghread and Mike are telling a long story arc, through these two parters. All I think I’ll say about the story is that you need to read this for yourself, and enjoy it for how awesome it is!

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Augustin Padilla seems to be back on track. I had no real issue with any of the art in this. I really enjoyed seeming the images, and sometimes they even seemed to pop off the page. Love the way he designs the Dinos in this issue, and I really love how a pool of Energon looks. That was damn awesome. He even did a awesome job making a G.I. Joe character look like it belongs in the Transformers world as a Transformer!

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Final Thoughts:

GO GET THIS ISSUE NOW!!! That is the only final thought I can come up with. So excited to see where the story goes next!!!!

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