Review of Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters #6

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TF Prime Beast Hunters #6 is here!!! I am loving this series! I love the arc of two parter stories!  Here is my SPOILER FREE review of the sixth issue. Continuing the adventures of the Dinobots in Underground Cybertron. Aftershocks of the planet quake force the bots to the surface.


The Regular cover of issue 6 showcases Slag (I REFUSE TO CALL HIM SLUG), Sludge, Snarl, and Swoop in the spotlight this time, and they look like they are ready for anything! The Retail Incentive cover is Bumblebee with a green background! I gotta say that there were so many other animation art characters they could have used. This is the second time we have see Bee! not that I dislike Prime Bee, but he aint worth two RI covers of nearly the same pose! I miss the Subscription covers! However the main cover for issue 6 is damn cool.



TF Bh #6 Page 1

Mairghread Scott continues to write beastly stories!!!! The way Ms. Scott writes these characters is amazing!!!! The Dinobots have NEVER had this much characterization before. So in this issue we have the Cybertronian Underground heading to the Surface of the planet. Somewhere they haven’t been in a long time. Now I’m wondering between Rage of the Dinobots and here in Beast Hunters HOW did they get underground in the first place. I mean I REMEMBER reading the Fall of Cybertron one shot, and the Rage mini series, but sadly I can’t remember the ending in those at the time of writing this review.

I digress though, here we see more narration from Snarl. I LOVE SNARL! Even before when he was the G1 Snarl in the 80s cartoon. I have always liked the bot! Even moreso now! With Mairghread’s writing here you can definitely tell that she is leading up to a huge finish within the pages of issues 7 and 8. I love the Beast Wars reference with crossing a very unstable bridge. That was great, after all Mairghread is a huge BW fangirl! This part of the story combines amazing narratives and awesome action. Because while Sludge, Slag, and Blackout are heading towards the surface, you’ve got Grimlock and Swoop scouting ahead of them. Absolutely love this story!!!

TF Bh #6 Page 12


Padilla’s art is really good this issue. There weren’t any real RAW gritty, grainy looking images. I still love his designs on the Dinobots. As I stated above the background shot with the Beast Wars reference was very well executed. The panel shown below with Sludge coming at the camera I also really enjoyed. This issue was a sure fire page turner when it comes to the art. I never once had any WTF, or … the hell? moments at all. I’m gonna miss these Dinobot designs once this mini series concludes.

TF Bh #6 Page 20

Final Thoughts:

GO GET THIS ISSUE NOW!!! That is the only final thought I can come up with. So excited to see the cartoon cast arrive on Cybertron in the next issue!!!!!!!!

Final Rating: 


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