Review of Transformers Prime: Beast Hunters #8

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SPOILERS ARE HERE! You have been warned! It’s the finale… for now? For Transformers: Prime – Beast hunters! We have the ending in issue #8. This takes place after the events of Predacons Rising!


The final regular cover for Beast Hunters has Grimlock, the Autobots, and the Dinobots RUSHING at the reader! The Retail Incentive cover is yet another Predaking image. I LOVE the regular cover, I think that will grab anyone looking at it on the shelf!



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Even though it’s listed as Mike Johnson as the main writer, and Mairghread Scott’s name is under his, this felt like something she would write. The writing is very well done for a grand finale issue, and Johnson really shows how well the two teams work together. I only wish that there was another 2 issues to this series. So that we can see more of the aftermath and rebuilding of Cybertron.

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The Autobots and Dinobots face the forged one last time. This was a fast paced action packed issue. The writing had several touching character moments between Team Prime and Team Grim. I really love the page turning “Autobots…Dinobots…ATTACK!” that was an awesome way of structuring the writing to lead us into the SPLASH page battle. One of the best things here with the writing is how each team informs one another on where they’ve ben, or what has been going on. The writing is top notch here, and I wish we’d get more with THESE DINOBOTS!

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While the writing is top notch, the art in certain places is subpar at best. I mean really WOW how is it that you can go from really great art, to really mediocre art? Don’t get me wrong the Dinobots and the backgrounds look amazing as usual. However Padilla must have not looked at the Prime character models. They all look like crap here. I’m sorry to say, but Arcee in comic form here doesn’t look that great. I know it’s hard to translate from CGI, but even the CGI drawings look better than this. Also Bee isn’t really colored the right way. His head and face look like the original color scheme. You gotta pay attention to the cartoon where the characters are based from.

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Final Thoughts:

Sad to see this become a mini series and then end. At the same time I’m happy with how it ended. I have no idea what the next cartoon series for Transformers will be, but I’m hoping it’s a contuiation of story from Prime. I’m also hoping that they get to bring in the Dinobots!!! I have to give this one a liked it, because while I loved the story, the art is just dreadful in places.

Final Rating: 


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