Review of Transformers: Robots In Disguise #17

RID17 #1

Dark Cybertron Prelude

Transformers they are More Than Meets The Eye, they are Robots In Disguise!!!!! Yes I’ve started reading both TF ongoings from IDW. Here is my review of RID #17 and it’s shockingly SPOILER FREE!!!

TF RID 17 Cover A

For those that have listened to the trilogy of More Than Meets The Eye episodes in The Pull Bag, you’ll know I’ve dove into TF Comics! Even though I have yet to read RID from the beginning, I HAD to read this issue. Let us take a moment and talk about the covers. Cover A shown above is Shockwave front and center, and he looks as if he’s on the battlefield. Cover B shown below is somewhat more interesting. Because it gives you a preview of what will actually happen in this issue. I like both covers, but Cover B is my favorite out of the two.

TF RID #17 Cover B


This being the first time I’ve read John Barber, wow he knows how to write Shockwave! Between what happened in More Than Meets The Eye #11 and here, James Roberts and John Barber’s writing flows seamlessly between these issues. I was told by many readers of RID on twitter, that I did not have to read the previous 16 issues in order to get this one. I will be going back and reading those issues, but because this is mostly a flashback, and has something to do with what I’ve already read in More Than Meets The Eye I’d be OK reading this. The story basically involves what happened to Senator Shockwave. How he became the Decepticon logistical officer we all know and love.

I’ve read through this issue twice and Barber doesn’t miss a beat on the writing at all. The story flows so well. Shockwave defies the senate, and in doing this they preform Empurata and Shadowplay on him. Now you might be thinking that I just spoiled the entire plot right there, but I haven’t. Ender was right when he stated on twitter that this is the most disturbing origin of shockwave ever. I love this writing I don’t think I can say that enough. Shockwave’s origin here is just so different, and something you’ll never expect.

Transformers - Robots in Disguise 017-003


The art is amazing!!!! I love all the purple effects in nearly every panel. With this being a flashback story of Shockwave’s origins, damn I was very happy!!! Livio Ramondelli does an amazing job with the colors, shading, and just the overall design. There wasn’t one panel in this issue that I didn’t like. I love how Shockwave’s alt mode looks, I love seeing the backdrop of Crystal City, and just everything about the art goes along very well with the story John Barber is telling us.

Transformers - Robots in Disguise 017-018

Final Thoughts:

I’ll definitely be reading Robots In Disguise from the beginning, and catching up. However reading this issue it was just amazing. If you are specifically a Shockwave fan you need to read MTMTE #9#10, #11 and this issue. The origin will most definitely shock you!

Final Rating: 


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