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AFTER THE DARK…..COMES THE DAWN!!! Yes that’s right Transformers Windblade is here! TF Windblade is a 4 issue mini series from IDW Publishing, and here is my SPOILER FREE Review of the first issue!!!


Huge Thanks to TV’s Mr. Neil for combining the Windblade #1 covers!!! you can check out his Facebook Page for his own web series Dasien Comic HERE!

TF Windblade #1 Page 1

Windblade has arrived on Cybertron. Mairghread Scott is back in the driver’s seat of a TF comic for IDW. She brings along with her artist Sarah Stone. THIS IS THE FIRST EVER ALL FEMALE TEAM of creators on a TF book, and it’s amazing!!! You might be asking if it’s an all female team, does that mean male readers will feel left out? HELL NO! Mairghread is a writer for all genders. She writes stories that will appeal to both sexes. Mairghread Scott and Gail Simone are my top two favorite female writers in comics right now (OK I haven’t read a lot of other female writers, but you get the point.) Windblade for those that aren’t in the know is the fan created character through several website polls.

So Windblade takes place six months after the events of Dark Cybertron……This is the beginning of a bold new direction in the Transformers ongoing comics. Even though the Windblade comic is a 4 issue mini… who knows what it might turn into.

TF Windblade #1 Page 2


Mairghread writes amazing internal monologues and awesome dialogue between characters! The story starts with Windblade looking out over Cybertron as a NEW DAWN approaches. Windblade we find out is a cityspeaker…. one of a very few who can talk to city formers. She is guardian for Metroplex, and we are shown that she has just arrived on Cybertron. Windblade has to find out why there are Blackouts within Metroplex, and why he’s diverting power. We also run into Starscream, and Ironhide.

TF Windblade #1 Page 3

Mairghread’s writing is so in depth of the main character. Because this is our introduction to Windblade I love that Mairghread gives us such in depth storytelling. The comedic lines Ms. Scott writes for these characters are all great. The scene between Windblade and Chromia is just so damn funny!!!!! I can’t wait to see more of her writing style and what this new character will bring us! Cybertron is gonna be one massively different place now that the blade wins the war!

TF Windblade #1 Page 4


This is my first time seeing Sarah Stone’s art… or anything from her in general. I absolutely love the art here. The robots all look great, and they are very fluid in design. It almost seems that they have a TF cartoon style. I like that. Now I’m not saying any one specific TF toon, because I think that it varies. However Sarah does an amazing job on each individual character. I also love how she starts the issue with the coming of the dawn. The backgrounds and her coloring are all to my liking.

TF Windblade #1 Page 5

Final Thoughts:

TF Windblade #1 Page 6

I have to give this a 5 outta 5 stars, because both Mairghread Scott and Sarah Stone have knocked this outta the park with the very first issue. My final thought is that you NEED to read this. If you want to see when Windblade came to Cybertron during the Dark Cybertron event… then you can read that too. However if you are interested in NEW Transformers characters check out TF Windblade #1 of 4! You can get it at your local comic shop or anywhere that sells digital comics.

You can hear Spoiler Fillewd Thoughts from me as I invade The Underbase! This will be a TPB Crossover as well!! You can hear that HERE!

Final Rating: 


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