Review of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Issue #41 (Spoilers)

COMIC SERIES: IDW’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles

ISSUE: #41

WRITERS/ARTIST: Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastman/Corey Smith


Donatello continues to meet with the Shredder as the two prepare to assault Krang’s Technodrome, while his brothers and Master Splinter make their own preparations in attacking the Foot Clan alongside Old Hob and his Mutanimals.


Well here we are, after a lot of whispers and foreshadowing about Krang’s Doomsday-machine during the last forty issues of this wonderful series, we are finally at ‘Attack on the Technodrome’. And while this first part is a little low on the action and spectacle, it is certainly high in tension and drama (not since ‘City Fall’ has the stakes been so high) as all the characters are preparing for the big fight. And Tom Waltz, Kevin Eastmen and Bobby Curnow have outdone themselves (once more) here as they move all the pieces into position in this month’s Issue, as it all feels fluid and not just simply ‘talking heads’ spouting exposition. This is (as it has always been with this series) a story that will grab your attention and have you wishing the next issue was already available to read once you have reached it‘s final page, it is that absorbing and exciting to read.

Now all the major characters are shown here, from Donatello continuing his surprising alliance with the Shredder (but the latter will clearly try to manipulate the young Turtle, who is too focused on the larger picture to see this), though it is with the logical ‘ the enemy of my enemy’ way of thinking. But you just know it is not going to end well (especially once Splinter and his brothers find out), which that makes it all the more interesting to see.

We also get to see how the rest of the Turtles are doing with their working alongside Old Hob’s Mutanimals, showing a training sequence that shows just how well the two teams are working alongside each other. I really do like the characters introduced to us during the last couple of issues, it is a really interesting group (it’s good to see that they will be getting their own mini-series in early 2015). The only characters missing from the proceedings were Alopex and Angel/Nobody, though considering what is about to happen, I am sure that they will be in the fight at some point.

Then there was also the first few pages of this comic that showed the early stages of the Technodrome powering up and showing what it can do, which in itself was a tantalising glimpse at what is to come as the Fugitoid and Stockman worry about what will happen if they fail to stop Krang (who has become a truly frightening enemy once more, though this version is driven by his need to correct the sins of his father and save his people). The final shot of the alien warlord marvelling at the destruction/creation that his ‘technological terror’ produced was both chilling and brilliant, effectively so.

And last but not least we get a scene between April and Casey, who are discussing how they can possibly help their friends despite not being able to fight with them. This scene might have felt a little out of place with all the build-up to the big war that about to take place, but considering how well they have been written and portrayed throughout this series (feeling as much as part of the Turtles family as the four brothers themselves), that in the end it is good to see that they have not been forgotten amongst the rest of story.

Now onto the Art and with Mateus Santolouco taking a break from drawing duty for this issue, Corey Smith does an excellent job as stand-in in his absence. Keeping a level of familiarity with the former’s work while also adding some of his own style, giving each scene a life and energy (especially for the training sequence between the mutants and the scenes with the Technodrome and Krang) that helps build the tension and drama.

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An absolute blast to read, a must for any TMNT Fan.

As the first part of another massive story for the TMNT, 'Attack on the Technodrome part 1' does it job in setting the stage for the battle to come, showcasing all the major characters and their growing alliances perfectly, nailing the tone and atmosphere of their plight.

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