Review of TMNT/Ghostbusters Issue 1 (Spoilers)

If you’re a child of the 80’s then Ghostbusters and TMNT, has a place in your heart.   Crossovers have been a big deal this year.  What with Family Guy and The Simpsons.   D.C. and The Masters of The Universe.   I can go on and on.   The pros of an cross over is to help some cross promotion.  The cons are…who’s going to write for what character and why?   Also who gets the best dialogue?  Who can play off the other?  Will the outcome become memorable?   I admit I haven’t read IDW’s Ghostbusters.   It’s on my to do list.   I’ve heard rumors that the reason that this crossover is happening due to lack of Ghostbusters sales.


The good news is that issue one rocked.   At least in my opinion anyway.    So let’s carefully go over some of the pros and cons.


There is an explanation why  these two franchisees will/have to team up.   Apparently there were these creatures known as the immortals.  However they disappeared  and other legends came to be.   The Pied Piper, the Minotaur, you get the idea.   One of the immortals is trying to make a deal with Krang in ancient Japan.   Her brother  Chi-You tries to stop the deal, and he gets thrown into an portal.   With the brother trapped in limbo, Krang and the immortal set up their storyline.

We then jump ahead a few hundred years later to Manhattan.   The Turtles, Casey Jones, April as well as  Prof. Lillja.  I’m not too famililar with this character.   Since I haven’t read TMNT comics in a while.  Again, I need to play a huge game of catch up.   The point is Donnie is trying to work on an transporter.  It malfunctions, and the Turltes are sent to The Ghostbusters universe.   Of course Chi-You has been brought to this universe as well.


He has gotten a huge makeover…and thinks that The Turtles are working with his sister.   Confused and given more power, he posses Casey Jones.   Again since this is The Ghostbusters universe they are called in and we get the classic To Be Continued…There’s more to the plot of course.  Mind you that’s the cliff notes regarding the Turtles.   It seems they get the bigger slice of the Pizza Pie.

The Cons

The Ghostbusters Plot…well they busted a ghost.   To me it looks like one of those ghosts from The Real Ghostbusters Kenner Toy line.

It was a big purple, floating head, with a giant eyeball that can pop out.   Busting the ghost was interesting on how Ray and Winston used their proton packs to restrain its arms before it was dragged into the trap.   Yet  Ray, Winston, Egon, and Peter didn’t have the best dialogue in my opinion.   I can’t wait to see Ray play off of Mikey, Egon, and Donnie…you get the idea.   Also there’s a character named Kylie Griffin.   She manages Ray’s Occult bookstore (which is an reference to GBII).   Other than that, not feeling much regarding  this character.


They only have a page or three appearance time…Talking about how class five or above ghosts are entering the real word.   Also they have a bad feeling that a Gozer-esque character may be coming.   Other than that…they just came off as plot devices.

Fein-al Thoughts

I did love the artwork of the TMNT characters.   I did love the design of the purple ghost.   I also love when the Turtles, Casey, April…came into the GB’s universe…They accidentally crashed a wedding.   I love how the bride brings up GB insurance.   Which apparently was discussed in a previous comic issue as well as  The Real Ghostbusters Cartoon.   Chi-You possessing Casey and the wedding guests was predictable.   But the designs of the possessions are noteworthy.   The best way to describe it is when Peter was possessed by WHAT from The Real Ghostbusters Episode Ms. Rogers Neighborhood.    A great deal of the artwork should be poster/computer desktop worthy.   I’m glad that I digtally subscribed the series.   If this is the last of The Ghostbusters Comics…they’re going out on top.   Even if they didn’t get much…umm…page time.    One last thing though, the designs of Ray, Peter, Egon, Winston….NO….Just NO!!!

They look too squash and stretch.   Also maybe it’s me Winston looks like a 1930’s – 1940’s stereotype.   Maybe it’s the big lips, I dunno.   His design just rubs me the wrong way.   They all do…but Winston…Not since Ghostbusters II did Winston get the “backwards treatment”…Nuff said.


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