Review of The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl #1 (Semi Spoilers)

Marvel is simply amazing, they can anyone/thing.  And make it into a memorable comic book character.   Granted there are super heroes here and there.   However my guilty pleasures are Howard the Duck, Fing Fang Foom, you get the idea.   I first heard of Squirrel Girl on a episode of the 90’s cartoon The Tick.   She was dressed in a squirrel suit, with her trademark battle cry I LIKE SQUIRRELS!   Not to mention the ability to communicate with her  fellow breathen.  As far as I’m concerned she coined the phrase A-Dork-Able.


Years went by and I didn’t realize she was an Marvel Character.  What’s great about the present is that nostalgia continues to make an comeback.  I don’t know who brought this up at the last Marvel meeting, and I don’t care.   To me this character is to Marvel Now.   The Way Harley Quinn is to D.C. The New 52.   The character is sweet, plucky, confidant, and has curves to boot.


Its writer Ryan North, is known for the Marvel Original Sin series.   It asks who watched The Watcher, and then took his life.   As well as Adventure Time, and The Midas Flesh (to be discussed at another time).   Ryan seems to be using his Adventure Time cred.   To make our Heroine Chipper, Perky, Happy, as well as,  A-dork-able.   The story opens up with her siting in a tree singing her theme song.   To the 1960’s Spider Man theme.   Trust me, I think your friendly neighborhood Spider Man would approve.


She prevents a group of muggers from committing a robbery.   All while finishing her theme song.   Name any other Super Hero that has done that while handling the baddies?   He side kick is well…a squirrel.   Named Tipy Toe, who can communicate perfect English via Squirrel Girl.    When we get to the title page, we see the starring characters at the bottom.  The  muggers were supposed to be in the comic.   However they were beaten up in the prologue. Followed by another character, in the shadows.   It’s stated that since the heroes haven’t met him yet.   They don’t know who it will be.  It comes off as Monty Python’s Flying Circus type of humor.

There’s also a sub plot where she wants to create a secret identity.   This way (sorry I must protect her secret),  no one will harm the ones she cares about.   Her first foe is searching for an “worthy opponent.”   It’s  none other than, Kraven the Hunter.   Again this is an semi-spoiler review.   I don’t want to give away The Kraven Vs. SQ Vs. Tippy Toe battle.  Her coming up with ways to defeat “The World’s Greatest Hunter.”  Has a nice balance between both strategy and humor.

Fein-Al Verdict

Why is this series worth picking up?  Well, Squirrel Girls wanting to be both strong and Independent   She never comes off as  annoying.  She doesn’t have that stereotypical best friend.   She doesn’t spout off any one liners that make you cringe.   As far as her down times goes?   There isn’t a moment that I want her to shut up.   It never comes off as filler.  Before I forget she uses these Deadpool’s Guide to Super Villains Trading Cards.    It’s almost Hong Kong Phooey – esque.   It helps her to figure out how her opponent thinks/acts/ect.  Like the Harley Quinn comics, it has the right amount of tongue and cheek humor.  Without wearing out its welcome.

The artwork is provided by Erica Henderson.   Known for Smut Peddler (again, another review for another time), Johnny Bravo, Quantum and Woody, and Bravest Warriors.   I have no qualms with the artwork.  I do wish it weren’t so looney tunes.   It feels like Teen Titans Go meets old school Batman Adventures comics. The designs are ok, but would it be so terrible to have “Grown Up,” designs while still keeping the Monty Python humor?   I do like the design of our main character.   Giving her curves wasn’t a bad idea.  It shows that not all heroes have to be ripped or buffed.

Bottom line this idea wasn’t nutty in the least.


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I wish the artwork wasn't so Looney Tunes/Teen Titans Go. Marvel can give anyone/thing fifteen minutes of fame. Causing the public wanting more. Real Squirrel Girls have curves.

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