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With Great Power

Article By: TFG1Mike

I’m taking over Streaming For Your Pleasure for a one time only blog. I’ve been a Mavel Animation fan since the 90s. I’ve read a few Marvel comics in the past, but not many. However anyone that has ever seen a Marvel cartoon or film knows Stan Lee!!! I just found this three year old “film” featurette on Netflix a few weeks ago, all about Stan “The Man” Lee!!! 


With Great Power title card

The Stan Lee Story 

Directed By: 

Terry Dougas

Nikki Frakes

William Lawrence Hess

Overview: I can’t believe I JUST found this documentary on Stan The Man a few weeks ago!!! It came out THREE YEARS ago!!! Ok so my excitement aside, here we go… This is a 1 hour 20 minute documentary on the life of Stan Lee. It shows his upbringing, and just how he got started in comics. It also has clips with himself, and his wife Joan at their home. Basically it is as the title says, THE Stan Lee Story. You will learn all about his life, what comics were like in the beginning, to what they are today, plus how Stan got into the multimedia world, and so much more.

Why you Should Check It Out: It is very rare that I watch documentary films in general, but there are a few that catch my eye. Honestly how can you NOT watch this? It gives such insight into Stan Lee’s life. He explains his process, back in the old days, and even now. He talks about how the people around him were so instrumental in the creation of all of the Marvel characters. Stan is a very humble guy, and he always wants to give credit where it is due. What I found most interesting was how his name became Stan Lee. Any comic book reader, lover, aficionado should watch this! Especially if you are a Marvel fan, but even if you are not, everyone LOVES STAN THE MAN LEE right? It can be found on DVD and Streaming on Netflix!!!

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  1. Great Review Mike. I think I finally need to check this out. Its been in my Top 10 Recommendations for Netflix for years now but I’ve yet to check it out. Now I have no excuse.

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