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TFG1Mike’s Top 13 Comics Of 2013

TFG1Mike’s Top 13 Comics of 2013:

Here you will find TFG1Mike’s Top 13 Comics of 2013! Most of these on the list are from DC Comics, Marvel, and IDW, because that’s what Mike read in 2013!

Some of these STARTED in 2013, and some were single issues, or trades that were RELEASED in 2013. My list is based on WHAT I THINK are the top 13 choices. There will be a biases, but I’ve tried to be fair all the way through. First up a few honorable mentions!


I wanna mention Superior Carnage the five issue mini series from Marvel. That was a very interesting read. It even made my list at one point, but then there were other things I enjoyed more. The other honorable mention is the Iron Man 3 2 issue mini tying into the third film. This was very well written by Christos Cage, and the art was good. I loved seeing what Rhodey was up to during the Battle of New York.

TF MTMTE #17 Banner

RID17 #1

I also have to give honorable mentions to Transformers: More Than Meets The Eye and Robots In Disguise. These two IDW ongoings are simply amazing. Out of what has been released in 2013 I just couldn’t pick any single issues to make the list. Any Transformers fan new or old should be reading these books! I’ll say this now my TOP 3 COULD HAVE GONE ANY NUMBER OF WAYS! Now onto the countdown!


13 Batman: Death of the Family!


DOTF the storyline and hardcover trade gets in at #13, because while I enjoyed bits and pieces of it. I didn’t enjoy the whole thing all the way through. Even after rereading it in trade, and I get what Scott Snyder was doing, but I just think The Joker should have killed Damian. You can hear in depth reviews from Steve and I in GCR’s coverage of DEATH OF THE FAMILY 13, 14, 15, 16, and 17.

12 Batman: The Dark Knight 23.1: The Ventriloquist

BMTDK 23-1

In Batgirl Issue #20 Gail Simone introduced us to this NEW female version of The Ventriloquist, and I was rather stuck by the character. During Villains Month Shauna and Ferdie took over Batman: The Dark Knight. We see more of their “relationship”, and we get a sense of dread every time they create the mayhem that they do. These are a villainous pair that I can’t wait to see what they do in the future.

11 Beware The Batman


Beware the Batman the sleeper hit cartoon series is now an ongoing comic! I very much enjoy this series, as I did the cartoon. It narrowly escapes my top ten, because it JUST started a few months ago. And while I’ve read everything that has been released to date. I haven’t had the proper time to gauge the series overall.

10 TMNT NEW Animated Adventures

TMNT New Animated Adventures FCBD

TURTLE POWER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I freakin’ love the NEW Nick Turtles cartoon…. and when I saw IDW was gonna be doing an ongoing… I was like frag yea!!!! I can hear each of the voice actors from the 2012 series in my head as I read this issues. It’s simply bodacious!

9 Superior Spider-Man


2013 brought us a SUPERIOR SPIDER-MAN! Sup Spidey was the second title I started in with hardcore after Snyder’s Batman. OK well Spada the Baltmatrix instructed me to read Amazing #698-700… and I did that! After which I grabbed a webshooter and held on for dear life! Superior Spidey is a bold new dicrection. Making the Villain into a Hero. I freakin’ loved that. Finally something interesting with Spidey!

8 Batman ’66

Bat66 #5 Cvr

2013 transported us back to 1966 with the new digital first and ongoing BATMAN ’66 The NEW stories with the old TV show characters! Suh a wonderful thing that this now exists! The art is wonderfully classic, yet retains the NEW age of digital. Jeff Parker’s writing really takes you back to watching the old TV show.

7 Scooby Doo Team Up #1


Rut Roh Raggy! Rere’s a Rat up rhere! That’s right Scooby Doo Team Up has been released! So loving this series. It’s Digital first and in print. It’s very interesting to see that we are getting more from the old new scooby movies! However I’m only interested in the Bat centric issues.

6 Transformers Prime Rage of the Dinobots

TFP Rage of the Dinos

RAGE The Dinobots get more character development than they’ve ever had EVER! Mairghread Scott and Mike Johnson team up to write this 4 issue mini series, and they knock it outta the park. The Dinobots have individual personalities! Woohoo!!! The characterization is brilliant, and the art is very well done for the most part.

5 He-Man and the Masters of the Universe

MOTU #4 Cover

By The Power of Grayskull we all have the Power! I dove in with the 2012 mini series, and then to find out that the events of that will lead to this? HELL YEAH!!! Keith Giffen’s storytelling is amazing. This aint no Filmation comic or cartoon, but it picks up on everything that Filmation ever was. It even speaks volumes about the 2002 Cartoon series. The art is great in some places, and not so much in others.

4 Transformers: Prime Beast Hunters


TF Prime Beast Hunters the 8 issue mini series that took the Dinobot’s story further. Mairghread and Mike are back continuing the store from RAGE of the Dinobots. I only wish this series had become an ongoing. I’m not yet ready to leave the Prime Universe behind.

3 Batgirl Issues 20-26

Batgirl #23 Cover

Batgirl #24 Cover

BG 26 Cover

Batgirl by Gail Simone isn’t just a superhero book, it’s a psychological thrill ride! I’ve gone back and read BG from the beginning, and throughout the entire series… everything is awesome. Sure there are few jumps in logic, but Gail Simone’s writing rocks. the art has been all awesome, although I wish that they would pick one artist for more than two or three issues. The best part of Batgirl is the relationships Babs has with the people around her, and how Simone flushes them out. So far my favorite storyline was the Batgirl Wanted story that just ended.

2 Nightwing Issues 19-24, and 25

NW 24 Cover

WAIT…WHAT…..TFG1Mike didn’t make Nightwing his number one choice….. GASP!!! It’s the end of the world! not really…. I love Nightwing, I’ll never deny that, but the amazing stories Kyle Higgins is penning elsewhere won out. Dick Grayson, the first Robin, now Nightwing… in a NEW City, dealing with NEW problems! Been loving Nightwing all the way through. The BEST thing to do with the character was to give him his own city, and his own rogues. Even though one of them is a Batman rogue… still awesome to see Nightwing in Chicago. The only reason why this wasn’t number one, is because that Kyle made my heart skup several beats in the other book he’s writing….

1 Batman Beyond Universe

BBU #9 Cover

The DC Animated Universe lives on!!! OK so Bat Beyond has been going strong for awhile with Adam Beechen, but his run was Unlimited. The NEW Batman Beyond 2.0 or Universe by Kyle higgins continues 1 year after Beechen’s run. higgins takes these characters to new levels of greatness. The stories he is crafting are simply amazing. The art by Thony Silas is like the animated series popped outta your TV and was on the page. There are times where I look at the art, and I’m like well that’s… new! That can be a good or a bad thing at times. Overall though Silas rocks the Beyond Universe! Batman Beyond Universe gets my number one pick, because it’s a book that kept me on the edge of my seat.

Final Thoughts:

There ya go folks. It has been an interesting year for comics for me. I’m very surprised with a few titles, and then there were those that I just didn’t care for. With this Villains month thing, I got lost inside the Batman and series… so I dropped it. Can’t wait to see what 2014 has in store for all the comics I love to read! Remember to make your GREAT ESCAPE into Comics!

The Pull Bag Banner Art #2

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TFG1Mike is a geek with many interests. He has been podcasting for over a decade, and sees no stopping point in sight. From Transformers, He-Man, Batman, Comics, movies, video games, cartoons, and so much more, Mike has a zeal for the things he loves, and he will bring the hammer down on the things that he has a disdain for. He's generally a postive person, but negativity can creep in there. Mike is all about the innuendos and innuendon'ts too. You'll hear him on many of The GCRN podcasts!

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