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THE PULL BAG – 5 YEARS – 300 Podcasts of Reviewing and Discussing Comics!


Well HOT DAMN! You might be saying, buuut TFG1Mike you already did 5 YEARS OF THE PULL BAG! What’s the deal?? Well the deal is that math is my Kryptonite!

March 5, 2013 was the FIRST TUESDAY that The Pull Bag released the inaugural episode! Technically it should have been WEDNESDAY March 6, 2013, but it is what it is. Five years is a long time to be running a podcast, and we have reached the 300 episode mark. This number includes EVERY EPISODE released. From the regularly numbered episodes to Back Issue Classics, Profiling Previews, After Dark, and the Origins episodes! With the exception of Profiling Previews, all of these miniseries will continue as they have been. The only difference is there will be no separation of numbering anymore. So EP 305 could be a regular review ep, or it could be an Origins ep, and so on… I’ve been podcasting almost 10 years! The fact that The Pull Bag makes up half of that time is amazing to me. The sheer amount of content I have released since 2013 when the podcast debuted is overwhelmingly awesome. I’ve gotten to talk about all the comics I want. I have had exceptional friends co host the show with me, as I cater each comic review episode to our mutual interests, some hosts have come and gone, as well as some being with TPB the entire 5 year run.


The FEW interviews we have had on the podcast have been so fun as well. From Kyle Higgins, to Mairghread Scott and Jason Enright, to Thom Zahler, Tom Waltz, Bobby Curnow, Pat Shand, and more! Thank you all for allowing me the chance to talk comics with you!

So what does 5 Years of The Pull Bag mean?? It means that we have continually brought you a show dedicated to talking comics. In the world today “GEEK CULTURE” has become the norm, and comics are very mainstream.

The Pull Bag has done several Marvel reviews over the last 5 years, and there have been several DC Comics books as well, however where we are really heading is the IDW, Image, and other publishers. Marvel and DC both have amazing histories as comic companies, but I see my interests’ moreso away from most of the classic superhero stuff. YES I still love Batman, Superman, and all that. However as the podcast has grown over the last 5 years, the big Two Comic Companies aren’t where a majority of my interests lie. I’m not saying I’m gonna give up reviewing stuff from Marvel or DC, I’m just saying they aren’t my main go to in most cases. DC itself only has 1 series I’m reading right now, and that’s the Batman Beyond Rebirth ongoing. I do want to get into some of the other Rebirth series, but alas it all comes down to time.

So 300 podcasts in 5 years… That’s a lot of hours of work! Between reading, recording, editing, getting the episodes online, and promoting them… The last 5 years you could say I have worked my ass off with this gig. There have been great episodes of the show, and sadly a few I have phoned in. Those were mostly because of whatever was going on in my life. I always strive to be the best show runner I can be. I want to have my listeners realize how much I’m enjoying reading, and reviewing the comics we talk about.

Here’s what is coming up for episodes 300 through 304… We are going to be tackling the IDW Back to the Future comics, and OptimusSolo is making a return to The Pull Bag!

Here’s the plan for the next few episodes!

Ep 300: BTTF Volume 1: Untold Tales and Alternate Timelines

Ep 301: BTTF Volume 2: Continuum Conundrum

Ep 302: BTTF Volume 3: Who Is Marty McFly?

Ep 303: BTTF Citizen Brown

Ep 304: BTTF – Biff To The Future

Then on March 5, 2018 it’ll be 5 Years of TPB again!

Ep 305: 5 YEARS of The Pull Bag AGAIN – Print Vs Digital Comics!

That’s right it will be print vs digital! IF you have an opinion on this topic you can get your voice heard on the show! Email me an mp3 file of you talking about your thoughts on Print Vs Digital Comics! These recorded clips should be five minutes or less Send to tfg1mike@gmail.com no later than February 28, 2018!

5 Years can you believe it? I’m so grateful to you all!!

Here’s hoping y’all will be listening when we hit the 10 Year Anniversary!!


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