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The Pull Bag – Robyn Hood Month 2017!

Go beyond the world of Myst! The Pull Bag is back with a brand new month of Robyn Hood Coverage! In June of 2017 Steve Megatron and TFG1Mike dedicated 5 weeks to Zenescope Entertainment’s comic character Robyn Hood. Expertly written by Pant Shand with art Roberta Ingrnata, and many others! We here inside The Pull Bag were needing a break from the robots, superheroes, and the like… Well once again Zenescope’s Robyn Hood books provided that! So here’s all the Robyn Hood Month 2017! Plus a NEW Interview with writer Pat Shand!

Interviews – Pat Shand! – Clonsters & Destiny N.Y. Edition

EP 141: Robyn Hood Volume 1: Riot Girls

EP 142: Robyn Hood Volume 2: Monsters in the Dark

Robyn Hood Volume 3: Attitude Adjustment

Robyn Hood Volume 4: Uprising

There ya go folks!! That’s all the Robyn Hood coverage we here inside The Pull Bag have done in 2017. Once again this was a lot of fun to cover these stories, and you’ll be seeing more Zenescope coverage in the future here inside The Pull Bag!

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