Well it’s been 3 years since The Pull Bag launched in March of 2012. TFG1Mike reflects on three years, and also gives you a glimpse into the Year 3 content that The Pull Bag will be bringing to your ears!


In the second year of The Pull Bag my goal was to Expand beyond just superhero comics. I think my team of co hosts and I have really done that. With adding titles like C.O.W.L. TMNT (main ongoing, and new adventures)…. Sex Criminals, Chew, and so much more. There were several surprises for me in Year 2 of TPB. What really surprised me was how open I was to trying new books from other publishers. Granted I had biases and went all in on some series. However something like Image’s Sex Criminals I doubt I’d have covered that in The Pull Bag Year 1. I can really boil this COMIC EXPANSION down to one thing. DC Comics constantly letting me down or disappointing me. Whether that be cancelling a series I love or going in new creative directions that just aren’t for me. Or killing off then making my favorite character a copycat of Nick Fury. Year 2 was enlightening for me. It was great fun with everyone I recorded with. So many Origins episodes happened, and a few After Darks. I really wanna get the After Dark episodes going full force. Hoping in Year 3 to have 1 After Dark a month. Year 2 we had so much content, even I can’t keep it all straight. All I know is I accomplished my goal of broadening my own comic reading horizons.


In Year 2 we had the first annual Marvelous March! Covering Marvel characters we love, including Captain America & The Hulk, A bonus episode covering the first two issues of the then newly released The Punisher series, Iron Man, Spider-Man, and Wolverine! I know I had said during the MM spotlight that the second annual one would feature different characters. Well that won’t be happening this year. What will be happening is we’ll be focusing on CURRENT storylines spanning the Marvel characters, and reaching into the past with TF Classics, and then reaching into the NOW! with the NEW Star Wars series that Marvel is doing! Next year in 2016 there will be different Marvel characters I promise!

Bat Beyond 75 Years Banner

We also celebrated 75 YEARS OF BATMAN!!!! <— You can click that link for all 13 podcasts that we did on Batman! Sadly we didn’t get to Punisher Month in November of 2014, but it’ll be on in April of 2015!!!!

We started 2014 on New Years Day by chatting with Star Joes Ryan for his Origins episode. Then later we would get Star Joes Chuck. The Origins episodes are something I’m very proud of. They have enabled me to talk to all kinds of comic fans. Here’s a list of the Origins episodes from 2014 that you should check out.

Positively Nerdy Ryan Porter

WOJM Mike Irizarry

WOJM Gary Godsoe

Mike Lacey from What The Shell

Nicole Hailstorm

Michael Bailey from Fortress of Baileytude

Andrew Roebuck from This Week In Geek

Weird Science of DC

The Pull Bag’s Interview with Jason Enright and Mairghread Scott!

Lots of interesting conversations were had in each one of those Origins episodes. I highly recommend you check them out.

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