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March 5th, 2014 will be the REAL 1 Year Anniversary of The Pull Bag, but I wanted to write this out at the end of 2013! Here I explore my thoughts of creating the latest core GCRN podcast! 


March 5, 2013 we at The GCRN launched The Pull Bag. Which is our comicbook review and discussion podcast. This is gonna sound clichéd, but it was a daunting task to do this. Because as we all know there are many MANY comics podcasts out there. It all started when Steve/Megatron got me to read Batman issue #13 which started the DEATH OF THE FAMILY storyline. After that I found myself diving into other DC titles, and as most of you know my top 2 favorites are Batgirl and Nightwing. After diving into DC Comics, I hit up Marvel just as Amazing Spider-Man ended, and The Superior Spider-Man began.


I wanted to make TPB more than just a review show, hence the Origins episodes were born. I love talking with my friends, or previous guests of The GCRN on how they got into comics. It’s probably the most interesting part of the podcast. As this first year has expanded, I’ve found that the show needs to expand and change somewhat. We are gonna be making more use of what we are titling The Back Issue Classics episodes, and the Origins episodes are no longer gonna be numbered.


I know some people do not listen, because we aren’t covering what THEY are reading. that’s fine, the point is we are covering what we read. Another point I wanna bring up is, while I respect the old continuities… I came in with FRESH eyes, and a fresh approach to the New 52 and other timelines in Marvel, and IDW. I wasn’t saddled with having 70 years or so of comic knowledge. This to some people might sound as if I am unknowledgeable during the show, but I think it offers something different. It gives NEW readers of comics, a NEW reader’s perspective. Versus those old comics fans who are like…. “OOOHHHH DR. OCTOPUS IN SPIDER-MAN’s BODY NO THANKS”…..people are entitled to their opinions, just as I am, but yikes that’s being very close minded. I should know because at times I’m very close minded to certain things.


In one year of the podcast we have reached 60 numbered  episodes, and countless unnumbered origins eps. The original goal was to reach 60 eps by the 1st anniversary of the podcast, and we have done that! Yay go us!!! LOL I also wanna thank Kyle Higgins and Mairghread Scott for taking the time to chat with me in the interviews I did with them. Hopefully we’ll be getting more interviews in the future.


We also had our FIRST character month, with THE PUNISHER being the character of November 2013. That was NINE podcasts in one month, in the future character months will be shorter most likely. Character months will happen as the podcast goes on, but they will be SPECIAL events. There will not be a character month every month of the year. I can safely say that BATMAN will have his 75th Anniversary/birthday in May of 2014. So Steve and I will be doing five or six eps all about the Cape and Cowl! Then in July we will have GREEN LANTERN’s character month, and in November a BRAND NEW PUNISHER month!

Also in the future there will be discussion based episodes, as well as more Marvel coverage. However not sure if we will be doing any current monthly Marvel coverage like we do with DC. I’m already spending too much damn money for the things I enjoy. I’m not saying I wouldn’t enjoy Marvel’s current stuff, but at this point I’d have to catch up etc etc….. Plus I need to draw the line somewhere right? That being said The Pull Bag will be expanding beyond what we have done this year. I’m looking at covering some pretty different stuff in 2014! There are plans to cover the UPCOMING Tomb Raider ongoing, IDW’s regular TMNT Series, and so much more!


With the discussion based episodes, it will depend on the guests I can wrangle together. Based on who wants to talk on whatever topic we might cover. The discussion based episodes will be a BRAND NEW naming scheme here inside The Pull Bag! Be prepared to read in the DARK! As The Pull Bag’s AFTER DARK is the new discussion based segment of the show. There will be at least ONE TPB After Dark per month, starting December 31, 2013!


Overall Year One for The Pull Bag I thought has gone very well. Thank you to everyone who has listened and supported us. According to FeedBurner we have 35 subscribers, thank you so much to all of you!  Thank you to all the guest hosts that have come on. Thank you to Steve/Megatron for doing all arts, it’s been a blast.

Here’s a preview for what will be coming in 2014:

There will be content after Christmas 2013, and in January and February. However not ready to reveal that just yet! You wanted MORE MARVEL coverage here ya go!


Ep 60: The Bat Books #29 Issues 3/5/13 1 Year Anniversary show

Ep 61: MARVELOUS MARCH: Spidey (2 trades) Spider-Man Blue and Return of the Black Cat!

Ep 62: MARVELOUS MARCH: Cap America Man out of Time and Hulk Planet Hulk (1 Trade each)

Ep 63: MARVELOUS MARCH: Iron Man (2 trades) Extermis and Armor Wars

Ep 64: MARVELOUS MARCH: Wolvie (2 trades) Origins and Old Man Logan

Ep 65: The Bat Books #30 Issues

Here is to Year Two, and more awesome comics discussions with reviews every month.



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