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The Pull Bag’s Zenescope Entertainment’s Robyn Hood Month 2015!

Enter the world of Myst! No not the game, this world is a land filled with magic, and it’s where Robyn Hood’s story first begins! In July of 2015 The Pull Bag dedicated 5 weeks to Zenescope Entertainment’s comic character Robyn Hood. Expertly written by Pant Shand with art by Larry Watts! We here inside The Pull Bag were looking for something new, yet familiar. Zenescope’s Robyn Hood books provided that! So here’s all the Robyn Hood Month episodes with Steve Megatron and I…. TFG1Mike! 

Robyn Hood Volume 1: Origin

Robyn Hood Vs Red Riding Hood

Robyn Hood Volume 2: Wanted

Robyn Hood Age of Darkness

Robyn Hood Volume 3: Legend

Interviews – Pat Shand!

There ya go folks!! That’s all the Robyn Hood coverage we here inside The Pull Bag have done. I even interviewed writer Pat Shand! This was a lot of fun to cover these stories, and you’ll be seeing more Robyn Hood and other Zenescope coverage in the future here inside The Pull Bag!

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