5 Great Ways to Enhance the Gaming Experience

Many gamers will agree that the way you play a game is almost as important as the quality of the game itself. Sure, all you need to play a video game are 4 main components — a game, a platform, a monitor, and a controller — but to some the bare essentials aren’t good enough. They prefer to get the most out of their gaming experience, and the following are just five unique upgrades to your current setup that will enhance your experience.

Stereo Speakers

Let’s start with something relatively simple yet tragically underrated: sound. Graphics aren’t the only thing that makes a game after all, and a great sound system can be the difference between merely playing a game and being immersed in it. That’s why we recommend stereo speakers, particularly ones that can capture bass well considering how many explosions you’re bound to hear throughout a game.

Digital Projectors

Gaming is an audio-visual experience, which makes being able to see your game properly that much more important. That being said, TVs and monitors come in many different shapes and sizes, making it hard to balance size with specs. So, instead of traditional monitors, why not meet in the middle with a digital projector? According to Projector Screen, “JVC just announced the release of a new 4K projector for May 2018, the LX-UH1. This new projector from JVC features an RGB color wheel and a rated light output of 2,000 lumens.” Focus on the specs and set the size of the screen you want easily with a projector.


Monitors and projectors aren’t the only way to feel up close and personal with a game. The virtual reality scene is continuing to boom with new groundbreaking games releasing regularly on mobile, console, and PC. With games in the FPS, RPG, simulation, and horror genres utilizing the new technology, why shouldn’t you?

Gaming Chair

When dedicating an hour (or several) to playing a game, comfort is the key to both success and longevity. For that reason, consider a dedicated gaming chair that will support your long journey through the campaign. There are a variety of chairs available with a multitude of features that’ll allow you to game in luxury.


Speaking of comfort, staying in the game means not letting things like hunger and thirst disturb your game flow. That’s why we recommend a cooler, a table, or in this case both. These cooler-table combos may be meant as patio furniture, but bring it inside and you’ll always have access to your favorite chilled beverages while you play.

Some of these 5 methods are straightforward. Others are more out of the box. However, using any of these ideas will be sure to help you bring your gaming experience to the next level.


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