Album Review: Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two

Original Game Score

First off et me say, I never thought I’d be reviewing this. Secondly let me say that the composer’s agent emailed me! Asking if it was something I’d want to review. Apparently Emilie Erskine, Jim Dooley’s agent saw my review on the music of Phineas and Ferb. Which you can find by click this link:

Album Reviews: The Music Of Phineas & Ferb

Let me also say that I’m not a current generation gamer. I watch enough Disney Channel to know what Epic Mickey is, and I think the game looks amazing, but I have never played it. I have seen the trailer, and beginning scene to Epic Mickey 2, and again think it looks amazing. There are 24 tracks in the Epic Mickey 2 Game Score, here’s the track listing:

1. Yen Sid’s Lab

2. Opening (Mad Doctor)

3. Mean Street

4. Building A Building

5. Floats

6. Meet Daisy

7. Disney Gulch

8. Music Land

9. I’m Falling Apart (Mad Doctor and JamFace)

10. Skeleton Dance

11. Blot Dragon

12. Prescott And The Pumps

13. Floatyard

14. Intro To Blot Alley

15. The Mad Doctor Isn’t Mad (Mad Doctor and Oswald)

16. Dioramas

17. Prescott’s Machine

18. The Fall Of Prescott (Mad Doctor, Prescott, Big Bad Pete, and Daisy)

19. Ventureland Combat

20. Autotopia Exploration

21. The Mad Doctor’s Plan (Mad Doctor)

22. The Mad Doctor’s Attic

23. That’s What Heroes Do (Mad Doctor, Oswald, and Mickey)

24. A Hero’s Second Chance (Cole Plante)

Now you might be scratching your head as you read this. Wondering why is it that I’m reviewing a Game Score to a game, that #1 isn’t out yet, and #2 that I’ve never nor might ever play. Well I do have an ear for great scores, and music in general. I was pleasently surprised with this, as it is the first ever Video Game Musical. This score is very fun, which most likely will reflect in the gameply of Epic Mickey 2. There are some great villain musical notes in several songs.

I think my favorite tracks to listen to are, That’s What Heroes Do, Disney Gulch, Mean Streets, and The Mad Doctor’s Plan. I think it’s kinda funny hearing Big Bad Pete sing, I never saw Pete as a singer, but he pulls it off. Overall I’d say play the game, then get this score. That way you can get attached to the music through the game.

Epic Mickey 2: The Power Of Two Original Game Score comes out Tuesday November 13, 2012 on digital download, then that Sunday November 18, 2012 Epic Mickey 2 the video game releases!!!!

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