Do Video Games Improve Vision?

Some people may think nothing good can come from gaming, but the truth is this is not the case. Glasses aren’t as expensive as they used to be, according to Marvel Optics, but it’s easier to see with your own eyes, if you can. Gaming helps some people deal with nightmares since it can help a person control his or her imagination. The one thing that might surprise some is the fact that gaming can improve vision.

Night Vision

Now, you will probably still need your prescription glasses, but gaming does seem to have its benefits. For example, it seems to help improve the eye’s contrast sensitivity function. It uses this function to differentiate shades of gray at night. It should be noted that this function slowly slips away as one ages.

Visual Skills

Games, especially action games, seem to refine other visual skills. One of the most obvious is the eye’s ability to track several items at once. Those who have played action games know that it is imperative that you track several fast-moving events or actions while you are playing. You consistently train your brain and eyes to do this while you play, which is how this skill is enhanced.

Action Option

Gamers who are not particularly fond of action games may have to at least try to find a few that they are okay with. Action games are not always the standard ‘shoot-em up’ games since racing games are also considered action. The key is to find games that are fast-paced or unpredictable. Some sport games are fast-paced and may work for you, too, though there may be other options. It would be a good idea to try some of the new games to see if any of them meet this criteria.

A Look Into the Future

Some experts suggest that some games will be specifically made to improve vision. These games are going to be used to work with other correction treatments. In essence, experts are suggesting that games can be used as a tool to help people who recently started wearing corrective lenses or went through corrective surgery. Games may be able to speed up the eye re-adjustment period that happens after one of these steps is taken.

As unorthodox or unbelievable as all this might sound, it is satisfying to know that what you are doing is anything but negative. Now, you know what to bring up the next time someone makes a quip or suggests that your love for games is wasted time. If you got in at the ground floor of the gaming scene, subscribe to our Pixels in the Animation podcast.

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