GCRN’s TMNT Week Recapped

From October 22-31, 2012 we had Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles week, where we had several blogs written up, a 3 hour podcast, and an interview with Pat Fraley the voice of 1987 Krang. Here are all the links to all our TMNT coverage.



TFG1Mike covers the Turtles cartoons throughout history.

TFG1Mike talks about the Live action films, that the TMNT franchise has seen.

Sketch talks about his favorite video games from TMNT.

Sketch shines a light on some of the Black Sheep in TMNT history.

Sketch talks about his favorite TMNT villains.

Steve talks about his favorite TMNT characters.

We hope everyone enjoyed TMNT Week, there will be more themes on GCRN in the future.

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