Getting into the Gaming Industry Without Being a Programmer

While it is highly desirable and competitive, the gaming industry is not like a black box. Every determined and enthusiastic person can break in, even without any programming knowledge. The industry has a wide array of opportunities, and all you need to get your foot in the door is a good strategy. It starts by understanding yourself better and convincing yourself that it’s really what you want to do. Here are simple ways of getting into the ever-growing gaming industry.

The Story

Being in the gaming industry doesn’t mean that you have to work in the technical part. Games rely on great world-building, mythos, and story. You can contribute to developing game stories or provide the written content that introduces people to various aspects of gaming. Write about it and educate people about video games. You can start a gaming blog and do the two things you love most, writing and gaming. You can write tutorials about a video game or start a gaming community where gaming enthusiasts can meet and interact with one another. Blogs are easy ways of catching people’s attention. You never know, it might not be long after you start a game blog or other initiative before someone notices your efforts. You might land yourself an opportunity to run a gaming website, which can be a very lucrative opportunity.

Design and Direct

Designing and direction is a crucial part of the gaming industry. It is the creative part that involves the imagination. Great graphics and design are essential to bringing any game to the world. If you love video games and want to get into the industry, you will love creating them as well. Pursuing an information design degree will help you understand the nature of the gaming industry. It will prepare you for being part of a development team when working in a studio. A variety of positions in the industry benefit from a graphic design degree, such as art direction. A designer can then use the elements learned in information design to direct the players into the game world or challenge them. The designer is like a movie director but for a video game.


Getting into the gaming industry starts with your own learning process, beyond simply enjoying and playing your favorite games. You need to know more about the industry and how games are developed. For example, you could enroll in some classes and study a variety of topics about the gaming industry. You can explore other topics as well; a well-rounded, real-life background can make you an even more attractive candidate in the gaming industry. It could be about learning arts, practicing sports, or playing some form of instrument. It’s all about opening your mind to give you the opportunity to have a better approach to the gaming industry. Video games are a great hobby, but even the other parts of your life can make you a more attractive candidate for a game manufacturer.

There are many ways of entering the gaming industry without having any programming skills. It is all based on dedication, desire and the willingness to do what it takes. If you’re a gaming enthusiast, there are many ways that you can fit into the gaming industry. Just identify what you love to do best related to the industry and use it to get your foot inside.

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