Partner Program

  • (Give as much detail as possible on your vision for this show, contribution, blog, etc.)
  • Tell us what particular fandom or Geek Culture this is pertaining to.
  • Please explain what this podcast, contribution, blog, etc, would bring to the network. Please explain how this content would benefit us by adding the content. If you are covering a topic already covered by the network please, it will not be accepted. If covering a unique and new theme / topic, explain how this show would provide a different and unique take on the subject matter.
  • Please explain to us in detail your experience and history with podcasting or content writing. Include shows, websites or articles you have been a guest on, shows you have hosted or co-hosted, shows you have edited etc.
  • Please list what type of microphone/headset you will be using to record your shows as well as what audio software you will be using to edit your shows.
  • Please state the level of integration you’d like to partake with the network.
  • Please list anything else you think may be of interest or be helpful in deciding.
  • Email for registration and contact purposes.
  • The direct RSS link to your podcast if applying for a podcast.

  • Please Post Your Podcast Art here if Applying for Podcast.
  • Logo of the Website the Podcast is Associated with if applies.
  • Accepted file types: mp3.
    Podcast Ads for us to promote your content on our shows. Under 60 seconds please, MP3 Format. (Applies Only if Applying for a Podcast Partnership.)

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