Universal Rating System

Our original Universal Rating system was a bit dated and as I (Steve Megatron) like to put a new spin on things decided to revamp the designs and the ratings. Our reviewers will come up with their own witty titling for the review rating but the number and globe system (replacing the stars) will be the overall Universal Ratings. As always it will encompass the written reviews of all categories. So please look below to see the new rating style and their meanings.


5.0 – Masterpiece – Genius in every sense of the world it. It succeeds in every way to the highest extents imaginable. Any form of expectations one could muster would only be surpassed by the final product. Generations will look upon it as key point for the medium, and its influence will live on for generations across multiple platforms. Simply put…it is perfect.


4.5 – Remarkable – One of the best you will see in nearly any given year. Those that are fans of the medium would be doing themselves a disservice if they missed out on this stunning achievement. While certain issues do occur they are overwhelmingly overshadowed by the triumphs. Overall a huge step for forward for the medium.


4.0 – Really Good -The overall quality is very high, and surely to be a positive experience for all those that partake. The issues that are there are impossible to ignore, but not predominant enough to have a large impact on your experience. Returning to it in the future may allow you to forgive certain problems, but may also lead the discovery of new ones.


3.5 – Good – Issues are certainty prevalent, but so are the successes. Typically there is one specific area of extraordinary achievement, or a multitude of quality moments that make the negative aspects relatively easy to accept. The failures are not necessarily glaring and are often a byproduct of design. Though the difficulties one encounters holds your enjoyment back from reaching its fullest potential.


3.0 – Average – While the overall take away was positive you do not necessary walk away happy. It does not extraordinarily succeed in any specific areas, or if it does it gets weighed down by something as equally unsuccessful. Though overall enjoyable it is easily disposable.


2.5 – Below Average – The cons slightly outweigh the pros. While the negatives aren’t overbearing they are far too plentiful to make it worthy of a recommend. There may be certain redeeming qualities that are worth your time; however the end product leaves you wanting more.


2.0 – Bad – The positives serve as reminders to the latent potential that was never fulfilled. The product is often a victim of poor execution or an inability to focus on a clear path. It fails in a large variety of different areas, but the failures are not to the extreme.


1.5 – Really Bad – The positives are few and far between. It has an abundance of failures including one or two specific areas that are overpowering disasters. The areas of success are minute in their effeteness when compared to the product as a whole.


1.0 – Terrible – Has several areas of extreme failure that aggravate you to your inner core. Only one or two areas can be considered an achievement, but those areas have relatively little impact on the overall experience. While it is not lock for worst of the year, it is surely in the running.


0.5 – Abysmal – A complete failure on nearly every level. Any shred of a redeeming quality is engulfed by a devastating sensation of frustration and incompetence. Whether it is a lack of discipline or sheer laziness the end experience is one you will want to forget as soon as possible. If a positive aspect does exist it is nearly transparent in this sea of misery. Without a doubt one of the worst experiences of the year.

0 – Pure Garbage – Impossible to enjoy even in an ironic sense of a, “It is so bad it’s good”. Run…do not walk away from this absolute pitiful attempt of a creation. It will surely go down as one of the worst things to happen for the medium, and be tale of caution for generations to come. Daring to waste your time will release a plague of boredom with a large dose of extreme frustration. Those who dare attempt to partake in this dreadful creation will leave with a cloud of misery and anguish that will follow them to the end of their days. You have been warned.
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