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Beautiful Soldiers Interview

Hunnic What an Haul 2015 has been in full gear.  Traveling to five comic book stores in eight hours.  During Free Comic Book Day.  Not to mention Wizard World 2015.   Recently I conducted an podcast interview.  With indie comic writer/illustrator Lashawn Colvin.  Creator of The Beautiful Soldiers comic book series.  You can find that over at Geekcastradio.com/syndicated shows.  This is the written part of the interview.

When did you first begin drawing/writing/coloring personally?

Well… I actually drew my FIRST drawing when I was 9 years old, getting inspiration from my favorite shows like Sailor Moon and Power Rangers. I always new as a child from my very first drawing at 9 years old that my destiny was going to be in art! As far as writing, I have been writing longer than I have been drawing, I have been writing screenplays from since the age of 6, drawing inspiration from Power Rangers mostly, I was so inspired by the 90s BOOM, ya’ know, X-men, Goosebumps, Sailor Moon, Spider-Man, Where in the World is Carmen Sandi ago, SO many good shows to watch as a child of the 90s. Sorry. I’m so getting off topic now.

2.  When did you start professionally?

Good question! Yes I actually started drawing, coloring and writing professionally in 2013, my first venture into professional territory was my splash page I did for the Wonder Woman comic book series, but I new then that to be considered a “true” professional comic artist and writer, I will need to take things to a whole new level, so I started “training.” Drawing things that I new I couldn’t draw, drawing out of my comfort zone. The saying, “practice makes perfect” is BEYOND true, especially for an artist. I cannot stress the importance of practicing your craft. I have a saying that as a professional artist I live by all the time. It’s from artist ― Émile Zola

“The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work.” For any artist of any genre, this could not be truer!


3.  Do you have a favorite comic book?

TOTALLY, my girl Wonder Woman!!!! She is my all time favorite superhero, I’ve loved her from the very first moment I saw her in her comic book.

4.  Do you have a “hero.”?  Or Mentor in the business?

Hmmmm….. Well you know this question is hard for me to answer, I do have mentors and a hero I admire, but, I’ve had some bad experience with getting my “hero’s” to even say anything to me, not even a simple “hello.” One of my all time favorite comic book artists is Mr. Tony Daniels, I love him! I have followed his work since day one; I especially loved his work in Superman/Wonder Woman! We’re actually friend on Facebook and I have spoke with him from time to time. It’s been hard however getting him to critique my work, by as a comic book artist myself I know it can be hard to squeeze in things you might now have time for. One of my favorite writers, the FABULOUS Miss Gail Simone, now my experience with her hasn’t really been on the positive side, I am friends with her on Facebook as well, I cant get her to look at my work TO SAVE MY LIFE. But it’s ok… I’m not mad at about it at all, it actually makes me more determined to succeed in this industry, because I will ALWAYS be humble, and remember how hard it is to break into this industry or the entertainment industry period. So I will NEVER turn down anyone reaching out to me for guidance.

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5.  Are you a fan of Jack Kirby? Or anyone from Marvel, D.C. Image?

Yes of course! I am a big fan of Mr. Kirby! I hate that his publishing company he started on the 1950s was short lived; I think it could have been fabulous has it made it to today’s time. I am a fan of a lot of DC writers and artists, a couple being writer Mr. Charles Soule, Jim Lee and the amazing Mr. Cample!!!

6.  Let’s talk about your Comic Book Beautiful Soldiers.  How long did it take to come up with the idea?

Well you know ever since I first could draw at the age of 9 I always new I wanted to have my very own series, I new that I wanted to have a series featuring a team of young girls who could totally kick all types of ASS! Pardon my French. It wasn’t until late 2013 that I totally kicked into overdrive and told myself, “you know what? I have this fabulous idea for an all female fighting team with a wonderful, entertaining story to tell! Let me really get things going!” For so long I waited around with my dreams, waiting for someone to “make” them come true when the reality was that my dreams were waiting on “ME.”

What can we the readers expect? Aw man AWESOME question… You guys can expect to see these girls in an unbelievable, entertaining, heart felt, sisterhood, and female empowerment story… With amazing fight scenes to boot! The story of Beautiful Soldiers is so deep, I’m really trying to create something totally different from the rest, and my biggest challenge that I have been facing so far has been the action scenes, I want these girls to BATLLE! And when I say that I mean the foes that they are up against will really put there training as soldiers to an unbelievable tests! The one question that a lot of people seem to ask me is will there be any romance evolved? I do plan on putting a VERY deep romance between one of the soldiers and one of the main villains. But the outcome of it all will be a BIG twist…


7.  These four Super-Heroines.  Is more than Eye Candy.  Earth, Fire, Water, Air.  This is a female Justice league?

HAAHAHAHAAHAHAHAA! A female Justice League?! NICE! Never thought about them that way, I guess you can say that, one thing I tried so hard to accomplish through designing these girls was I wanted to make them look confident, sexy, powerful, eye catching and very sensual. I have gotten so much praise about the designs of my girls, so to say eye candy? I can go with that lol! And as awesome as the Justice League is, to be compared to them and named a “female Justice League?!” HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!

8.  Will this be available on Comixology.com?   Or Amazon.com? Yes it will!!!

How will it be distributed? There are plans to distribute it digitally, and in comic book stores near you! You can also order hard copies from the official beautifulsoldiers.com website as well!

9.  What is the release date?

The official release date is October 2015.


10.   What was the longest you had to write?

I would say writing my debut issues script has taken me 3 months to write! This process normal doesn’t take me this long, however, being as how I wanted my first issue to be PERFECT, it has taken me a little bit longer then usual.


To color a full drawing? I would say the longest it’s ever taken me was 15 hours.


8 hours to draw a full comic page, 30 minutes to an hour for a regular illustrated image of a character.

11.  What was your shortest?

My shortest? Well I think once it took me only 20 minutes to draw one of my main girls from the series.


12.  Have you ever left a job, due to creative differences?

Oh wow lol, YESS…. In the early parts of building a team for my Beautiful Soldiers series, I was looking to recruit an all female comic book team that included a female penciler, colorist, writer and letterer. I wanted Beautiful Soldiers to be a female lead comic book made by a female comic team! However, it totally didn’t last long lol, I’ve said this numerous times and I’ll say it again, female artist (for me) have not been easy to work with. Sadly, my experiences with male artist have been a much MUCH better experience.

13.  How much creative control do you have?

Awesome question, I actually have FULL creative control over every aspect of the book, as the editor I have control over the art styles, coloring, story, everything! Being as how Beautiful Soldiers is being fully funded and produced by my production company “Beautiful Productions LLC,” I designed the main 4 girls and am the main writer for the series. I have hired an awesome Penciler, Mr. Izik Bell who is totally awesome to work with as far as drawing the story goes. I have hired another writer, Miss Suzette Jewett. My other colorist is Anthony

14.  Do you tour the comic book conventions @ all?

YESS sir of course, actually my series and me will be at Dragons Con later this year!!!! Come out and see us!!!!

15.  You are one of many that can be a role model for young woman.  What would tell an aspiring female artist/writer?

FIGHT!! That is the best answer I can give an aspiring female artist/writer, fight for it! Fight to get to the top, fight to build your skill level to be better than you could imagine it being, women are constantly overlooked and over shadowed in this male dominated industry, so we have to try harder to prove ourselves. Do NOT wait around for your dreams to catch you, because you’ll be waiting a long time! YOU catch your dreams, and once you have them within your grasp, fight to keep them there. It can happen for you ladies, if you want it bad enough!!!! I waited so long for my dreams to take flight, I wasted a lot of time doing NOTHING to make my dreams a reality, my best advice is don’t make that mistake. Making it as an artist or writer I’d say is one of if not THE most difficult career to make a successful living with, however, once you find you stride and footing in the door, THERE IS NO OTHER PROFESSION MORE REWARDING! There are so many challenges when becoming an artist, a lot of obstacles, but fight through them and eventually you’ll see all of this fighting will pay off, I can honestly say now all of my hard work is finally paying off, trying to build my skill level, late nights drawing and writing, hours upon hours of networking…. All of these ladies are what it takes to make it, but, seriously, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

16.  What are your future plans?

Hmmmm well I have quite a few spells brewing in the pot lol some I can’t share but the few I can is that I plan on pitching Beautiful Soldiers to some animation studios to get it picked up for an animated series! That is the ULTIMATE goal with my series, I’m going to always throw that in the universe, gods taken me this far, and he won’t let me down now.  Another future plan is my production company, “Beautiful Productions LLC,” I plan to recruit I new talent through my company to get another project started, it’s pretty exciting, it’s going to be a spin off of my main series Beautiful Soldiers!!! That’s all I can say for now lol.

17.  Where can the readers find you? Please readers I’m always looking forward to chat with you guys, you can find me on my personal Facebook page Lashawn Colvin, also, like my fan page, “Beautiful Soldiers!” Follow us on Twitter as well Beautiful Soldiers @ Team__BEAUTIFUL

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