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Interviews – Kelly Thompson – IDW Publishing – 21st Century Jem

It’s ShowTime Synergy inside The Pull Bag’s latest interview!!! TFG1Mike, and his Misfit girls LadyWreck & BeatlesDiva chat with Jem comic writer Kelly Thompson. We talk to Kelly for about two hours or so, getting to know her comic reading habits, writing aspirations, and more! Around the 1:51:10 min mark is where the SPOILERS for upcoming Jem comic stuff happens! So if you don’t wanna be spoiled don’t listen past that. If you wanna know everything Kelly has to say listen all the way through. Remember to make your GREAT ESCAPE into Comics!!!


This interview broke our longest interview record. Our interview with Robert N. Skir from 2010. That interview was 2:00:12 in length, this one with Kelly Thompson was 2:09:32!!

Jem 03 CVR A


Mike “TFG1” Blanchard

Aimee “Lady Wreck” Morgan

Nicole “BeatlesDiva-Hailstorm” Hale

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