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100 Movies to Watch in 2016

Now that the Oscars have been awarded its a great time to look ahead at what films are coming down the pipeline that hold the most interest for 2016. When looking at the hundreds of films that are slated for 2016 a few things usually make a film stand out above the rest. First we have the directors, often times a director is enough to gain our interest in a film. Second, you have the cast. Sometimes it’s simply one name attached that piques are interest and other times it’s the entire ensemble. Third, it could be the genre or the plot synopsis that gives us a story we are interested to learn more about. Finally, it could be the franchise its connected or related to or a movie poster, image, teaser or trailer. Whatever the reason, these are the 100 films that caught my eye for 2016 and may be worth looking out for.

Author’s Note: The original list was made in January before any of the films had been release or in one case pushed to 2017. I also left the list as it was regardless of the negative reception some of these films have already been met with.

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Kevin "OptimusSolo"

OptimusSolo is a Cartoon Historian and even has an actual History degree to go with it. He's also an avid Toy collector boasting an over 1,000 piece Star Wars collection and nearly 400 Transformer toys. He is one of the hosts of the Powers of Grayskull series. He also has a passion for cartoon Theme Songs, Star Trek, MacGyver, Baseball, and is a major Movie Geek!
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