DVD Review – Airborne (1993)

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DVD Review: Airborne (1993)

Most of you probably have NEVER seen this movie. Well that would be a detriment to your lives! Why you might ask, well I bet you didn’t know this was Jack Black’s film debut. I first saw this when it was released on VHS in early 1994. I loved it then and I love it now. The story of a sixteen/seventeen year old California surfer and rollerblader who has to move to Cincinnati for six months while his zoologist parents go to Australia! what a ripoff.

For me this was just one of those movies that I’d seen when I was younger and latched onto it. The characters are well developed, the setting is awesome, and it really brought you into the world of extreme sports and rollerblading. The jest of the film is that Mitchell tries to fit into the new surroundings, in the beginning he fails miserably at this. Mitchell makes enemies out of Jack, Auggie, and the rest of their crew when mitchell’s cousin Wiley played by Seth Green loses the hockey game for them to their rivals led by Blaine. Throughout this time Mitchell meets Nikki played by Brittney Powell they hit it off and Mitchell is in a much better mood. After the impromptu meeting with Nikki and rollerblading through the greenhouse he rollerblades all over town. Nikki and Mitchell set up a date for that Friday night. Mitchell helping Wiley pick something out to wear on the date is easily the funniest moment in the movie because of Right Said Fred! Friday night rolls around the date is going great until they go to the restaurant when Blaine shows up and starts trouble with Nikki, Jack and Auggie show up and stop Blaine, but it turns out Nikki is Jack’s sister. Mitchell mouths off to Jack and says something that upset Nikki. Again this isn’t turning out so great for our hero Mitchell. He shows up to the street hockey game, after Blaine pushes him down Mitchell still doesn’t retaliate then he starts laughing as he depants’ Blaine. The entire crowd laughs and he is now in the good graces of Jack, Auggie, and the rest of their crew. The film ends with Mitchell helping the team win a skating race down “Devil’s Backbone” a series of dangerous hills and streets in the town. At the end he finally earns Jack’s respect and they cross the finish line together. Everyone celebrates and both Wiley and Mitchell get their respective girls.

All in all I really do love this film, and for a long time I hadn’t been able to find it on DVD or online. Until a few weeks ago I found it on Netflix. It was so enjoyable to watch again after all this time.

Rating: 10/10

You can get Airborne on DVD on Amazon.

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