DVD Review: Captain America: The First Avenger!

Captain America: The First Avenger!

From the Human Torch to the guy with the giant shield!

I have finally seen Captain America: The First Avenger! I really enjoyed this film. Chris Evans pulled off the transition from one giant Marvel character to another. I think that was one of my doubts on this film. If he could step out of the role of Johnny Storm and into the shoes of Steve Rogers. I think he did it very well.

The story goes that the ultimate superhero should be more than just super strong. They take Steve Rogers the skinniest kid in the army, and turn him into Captain America. However The morale here is that you should always remain true to yourself. After the transformation scene they had Cap in War Bond shows, I thought this was kinda weird. I guess at that time, that’s what people did to support the war effort. However I much prefer the later scenes where Cap is kickin ass!

Lets talk about Hugo Weaving, first he was Mr. Smith in The Matrix Films, then he was the voice of NBE-1… I mean Megatron in the Transformers live action films, and now he is The Red Skull! However in the movie I don’t think they ever call him the Red Skull! Weaving’s performance was awesome, as was the rest of the cast in this movie. I’d say I was kinda getting the vibe of David Hasselhoff’s 1998 TV Film Nick Fury Agent Of Shield though. The reason why I say that is they push Hitler aside to tell the story of the Red Skull and Hydra. While I’m not saying pushing Hitler aside is a bad thing, but I see a lot of similarities between the plot of this film, and Nick Fury Agent Of Shield. Mainly in the villain’s camp.

I felt the emotion between Steve Rogers and Peggy Carter at the end as he had to crash the plane inorder to save thousands of lives. Then we get nothing but a blank screen. Steve wakes up to a 1940’s era room with a baseball game being broadcast. He soon realizes that it’s all fake, and escapes. After which he finds himself in the modern day. In walks Nick Fury and tells him he has been asleep for nearly 70 years, and that he has a job for him.

Then we get to see the Avengers Trailer which comes out next May. Overall I thought Captain America: The First Avenger was awesome. I’d say it’s the best superhero movie of 2011. So go watch it now!

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  1. Just watched it last night. Chris Evans shined as Captain America. He was a strong, likable character. Hugo Weaving was good as the Red Skull. The make-up or CGI effects they used to make him the Red Skull was incredibly well done.

    Now for the not-so-good. The movie was too slick. Everything just had this pristine look to it. It’s like the tanks were polished. All the cars sparkled. Every building had just been power-washed. Being a WWII era setting, I feel it should have been grittier in terms of look. The cosmic cube being used to create the laser guns that just vaporized people annoyed me too. What is it with movies following this trend? They did it in Transformers too. I also wish they had taken a more realistic approach to the material like they did with the Utlimates comic book and just had Captain America being more entrenched with the troops.


    Why did they kill Bucky like that? It seemed forced and irrelevant. I just feel that they could have done that better. Plus, it just happened and the story moved along. My guess is that we’ll see Bucky return as the Winter Soldier very soon.

    Overall it wasn’t a terrible movie. I am not sure I would say it was a good movie. It was an okay movie. Worth seeing, but glad I didn’t buy it. Chris Evans is great as Cap, and that’s really the best reason to see this movie.

    1. It was definitely worth the $1.27 from RedBox. It was significantly better than Thor, and Green Lantern! lol As far as killing Bucky that way I’m not sure. I’ve never read a Cap comic, and the only time I ever saw him in Animation was Spidey 94 and The Super Hero Squad! This movie was an enjoyable watch, and I’d watch it again in about a year or so.

    2. I really enjoyed Cap. Evans was great as well as the rest of the cast. I understand the desire to have a more gritty film, and it’s kind of what I wanted at first. Though the more I thought about it the more I agree with the direction they went. For one having a gritty war film wouldn’t mix with the superhero genre. The juxtaposition may be too jolting. Having a man decked out in a costume storming the beach of Normandy, fighting Nazis would kind of be disingenuous to veterans in a way. While it works in comics not sure how’d it work in film. Plus I rather enjoyed the throw back feel of the classic serial look, in the vein of Raiders of the Lost Arc. It did get over the top at times, but it was all in good fun. I get why this film isn’t for everyone, it hit a cord with me.

      1. The thing is when I was watching it I never saw it go too far over the top. It really didn’t have any of the cheesy humor any of the other Marvel films have. There have been bad marvel films … ex: Elektra, but most of all the ones Marvel has released to date are watchable. Out of the 2 films Marvel released this year I liked this one just a bit better than First Class. First Class was a great X-Men Origins movie, but seriously how many freakin times have we seen the X origin story? ugh.

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