DVD Review: The Change-Up

The Change-Up


Ryan Reynolds

Jason Bateman

Olivia Wilde

My initial thought five minutes into this was that this movie is one of the worst of 2011. The basic premise is two buddies wish they had each others’ lives. So Freaky Friday with Guys instead of a mom and a daughter. In this best friends Dave and Mitch wish for each others lives. After they have pissed in a fountain one drunken night. They then end up in each others bodies, and have to adjust to each others lives.

I will say that even though the film starts out with the usual Ryan Reynolds and Jason Bateman crude humor, it does get better and the crude humor goes away as the film goes along. In the end both Dave and Mitch realixze that they want their lives back, and have to pee in the fountain again, however it has been relocated into a Galleria Mall. They get their lives back, and all have happy endings.

Even though I’m not a Ryan Reynolds fan hardly, I’ll say that this was a very interesting take on the switching lives thing, Mitch as Dave actually learns how to follow through on something. Dave as Mitch learns to loosen up a little. The acting was great, the story was well thought out, and overall I’d say that this is worth a watch at least once.

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