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My Movies App Review:

So today I have something a little different for you than the normal movie review. Instead I will be taking a look at the My Movies app available for Iphone, Ipad, and Droid devices.  For the purpose of this review I looked at the droid version of the product.

App Description:

My Movies allows you to catalog your entire movie collection. (This does not allow you to watch your movies) So you can have a complete listing of you movie collection right on your phone. Plus each movie is linked up with IMDB to give you detailed information about each film including a cast list, movie trailers, plot synopsis, and listing of the discs extra features. My Movies does require you to create a free user account. The positive of this is your movie collection will follow you even if you use different devices. It links up with their online data service so you don’t have to worry about losing your collection if you get a new phone. Also you can share a link to your online collection with your friends and family. (You can see some of my collection here:   If you visit my online collection you may notice the graining look of the DVD covers. You can upgrade to higher quality through purchase or earning enough contributor points. The DVD covers for the app are automatically high quality. My Movies also has companion software for the Mac and PC. You can choose to use it or just stick with the mobile app. The App also includes a listing of upcoming new DVD/Blu Ray releases.

Other Functions Include:

-Adding movies through barcode scan, title searching, or manual entry

-Add each film to different groups (borrowed, owned, wished)

-Personalize each film with location, tags, notes, and ratings

-Multiple Sort and Filter Options

-The ability to share added titles with Facebook

-Person section giving detailed bios of the actors in your movies

-Ability to use the same collection with multiple devices

-Multiple viewing options including shelf, list, and CoverFlow.

The Positive:

My Movies allows you to store your entire movie collection on your phone, tablet, or computer. It’s quick and easy to add titles on your phone or computer. Simply through a quick scan of the barcode you can place a film into your collection.  The viewing options are great and I often find myself just browsing through my collection using the CoverFlow feature. The ability to filter your movies by genre is helpful when determining what exactly you want to watch. Say you’re in the mood for horror, but not sure what horror movies you own. You can filter it to just that genre and explore what horror titles exist in your collection. There are tons of personalization abilities for each title as well. You can keep track of when you purchases a movie, who you lent it to, and  even add the condition the movie is in. Basically you can become your own video store. Being able to watch a trailer of any of your films is quite a treat as well.

The Negative:

For one it does take up a lot of space. At this time it’s the second largest app on my phone. I noticed some issues added store exclusive titles. For example I purchased the Best Buy excusive version of the Jurassic Park trilogy, but they only had the general one. If a title isn’t there you can add it yourself or contact the administrators. They are pretty good at getting any error solved. With an app of this nature I did have a few crashes. Though to be fair it could have been more my phone then the app. It’s great that each film has detailed information, but being linked with IMDB there are occasions where the information can be incorrect. Also it may leave off an important actor or two in the cast list. This does not happen on great occurrence however. While the trailers are great they are not always listed for every movie. Television shows and anthology collections rarely have trailers.



If you are an avid movie collector this app is 100% for you. The issues are minor and easily fixable. The creators of this app to a great job responding to errors you may find. I would advise trying the free version of the app first before purchasing the full version. This way you can play around with the interface to make sure you like it. If you do go head and purchase the full app and enjoy. Currently it is available for 6.99 on the Apple and Droid market.



Review by: Dan “Movie Revolt” Clark

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