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"You want me to review what?"
“You want me to review what?”

The Angry Video Game Nerd has been bashing ‘ol school video games for over an decade now.

I first saw his viral videos in ’08 while researching how not to copy other peoples reviews/technique.  There was the Irate Gamer (wonder whatever happened to him).   Then by dumb luck I found The Angry Video Game Nerd’s videos on

This isn’t just any movie…no…no…no.   This is based on the most requested video game ever…drum roll please….

E.T. for the Atari 2600…AUGHHHHHHH….now hold on a minute is this really the worst of the worst?  Some fans think so, others do not.  However this review is about the movie.

Behold this was the Atari 2600 game that helped cause the famous video game crash in the '80.s
Behold this was the Atari 2600 game that helped cause the famous video game crash in the ’80.s…Don’t look at it…DON’T LOOK!!!

For those who lived under a rock…or Rolling Rock …for the past ten years, James Rolfe was known to record viral videos regarding his frustrations about not being able to play/beat video games of the ’80’s – mid ’90’s.   From  Nintendo – Super Nintendo, Genesis and once  in a blue moon Playstation.   He’s known for swearing up a storm and his famous,  “I’d rather”…followed by something else he’s rather do.

Before he reached his 100th episode, he decided to re-review several games from ’04-’06.   One being the infamous Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde for the Nintendo.   Now a viral video is one thing, ranting for ten – twenty minutes.   So James decided that if he were going to do one on E.T for Atari 2600, he’d make it into an adventure.

James along with Kevin Finn spent years writing the script as well as directing the final product.   Kind of like an Terry Gilliam, Jones Monty Python and Holy Grail ordeal.

Usually in the AVGN videos Mike Matei would be the Nerd's foil. For the film, its Jeremy Suarez.
Usually in the AVGN videos Mike Matei would be the Nerd’s co-star. For the film, Jeremy Suarez is the Nerds sidekick.

The plot is cut and dry.   A video game publishing company (whom it don’t think I can name here), watches the Nerd’s videos.   They’re justification is that the Nerd’s fans are playing/buying old school games because of his reviews.   So they’ll make an sequel to E.T.   Mandi played by Sarah Glendening (of As the World Turns fame).   Works for the video game publishing company, I cannot name.  She disguises  herself as a nerd to persuade the Angry Video Game Nerd to review it.   The Nerd also has a sidekick, Cooper played by Jeremy Suarez (of Brother Bear fame).

There are some intresting cameo's in this movie. The Black Nerd is one. Lloyd Kaufman from The Toxic Avenger is complaints.
There are some interesting cameo’s in this movie. The Black Nerd is one….
...Lloyd Kaufman from The Toxic Avenger is another.
…Lloyd Kaufman from The Toxic Avenger is another.

Eventually all of the Nerds’ fans are requesting him to review E.T.   This leads to the legend of the supposed landfill in New Mexico.  Where the supposed unsold copies of the game, along  with other Atari 2600 games are buried.    There is a subplot on Area 51, and how the game was actually created for another reason…but I want this to be a spoiler free review…sorry.

It’s a shame too…because I would like to round table this film with some fans…oh well.  The game was designed by Howard Scott Warshaw.  Game designer of Yar’s Revenge and Raiders of the Lost Ark for the Atari 2600.   Since the Raiders game, was more on solving an puzzle then just collecting points (which is what early video games were all about).   That’s how the plot of the AVGN movie  unravels.

"It's not about the's about reviewing one of the worst games ever. "
“It’s not about the journey…it’s about reviewing one of the worst games ever. “

It starts from planning  to review the game – road trip – an famous New Mexico-conspiracy-back to why we enjoy old school games.  James co stars are a hoot and a holler.   They’re all well seasoned and are only hammy when need to be…but never hog the camera.   There are the typical Nerd rants and raves, concerning what the Nerd would rather do than finding E.T.

All in all this could very well be an candidate for The Rocky Horror Picture show for the 21st century.  The special effects do not feel photo shopped, or saturated.   You’ll see the typical C.G.I. explosions, laser blasts etc.   They work and do not come off a Z rated.  I’ve seen a-many direct to home media movies.   A lot of love was put into the effects for this movie.

I’m assuming due to copyright issues, Cinemassacare Productions had to create their own 8 -16 bit effects for “knock off,” video games.  One of them is supposed to look like an 8 bit Warcraft MMORPG.  Another one looks like a crappy NES game that I once owned.

A couple of years ago, Cinemassacare Productions posted a donation drive on the site.   I was one of the contributes, I felt it was money well spent.

Fein-al Thoughts

From the characters playing  off of each other, to classic AVGN dialogue.   To the impressive low budget special effects.   To the location settings, cameos, and the end credit review of E.T. This move works for fans of The AVGN.  Newer fans may be turned away…but that’s what the viral videos are for.   I also don’t think the Nerd is angry anymore…more passionate.   It’s about him growing, and why he reviews these kinds of games.   What makes him want to review/play?   This movie has an satisfactory answer.   This movie is only available to purchase/rent through   Although it’s touring in select cities, so check for details.  As well as when it’ll finally get an DVD/Blu Ray release.   Oh…and this film is not for the kiddies.   For both the male and female demographic over 17 years old..different story.

…And remember Nerds before Birds.


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Doesn't belong in an landfill

An possible candidate for The Rocky Horror Picture show for the 21st century. Robbie Rist voicing an "certain character," was awesome sauce. We finally get the long awaited review of the Atari 2600 E.T. game.

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