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20 Years ago this June 16th, Batman Forever was released to theaters. 3 Years ago today La La Land Records released their expanded 2 Disc soundtrack for the film. Here’s TFG1Mike with a review of that set and his thoughts on the film overall.

With a Total Running Time of 151:29, the expanded release from La La Land Records for Batman Forever is two discs loaded with awesome music! Goldenthal captures every aspect of this film in the music. Looking at Elliot’s discography, the man has done plenty of awesome scores. For example Demolition Man, Pet Sematary, Interview With The Vampire, Heat, and Alien 3 are all on his list. So there was no doubt in my mind after reading through these credits, that he’d do a great job with Batman Forever. Hell when I saw this film in theaters 20 years ago, without even knowing who composed the music, I knew I loved the score to Batman Forever! The film itself is my #2 fav film out of the original 4 films that were released. Here’s the thing Batman 1989 was damn good, and it is still a damn good film 26 years after the fact. SURE there are a bunch of issues with it that people will point out. However when I watch this film, it was like I was 9 years old again seeing it in the theaters. Then in 1992 we got Batman Returns and while I love certain scenes in it, overall it was and still is too dark of a Batman film for me. Then Burton exited the director’s chair, and Joel came in. Batman Forever is a bright yet dark comic book film. Sure there are certain aspects to it that people won’t like. I can even say that The Riddler was a poor villain choice. However in the context of the story I like how everything was executed. The funny thing about the music for this film is that the actual licensed soundtrack with Seal and U2 is probably more popular. After all “A Kiss From A Rose” was a huge hit. I love the soundtrack to the film, but as I’ve said in many of my reviews… I love the instrumental stuff just a bit more! Now onto my thoughts of Goldenthal’s Batman Forever!

Batman Forever Poster #1

Disc 1 Total Time: 74:54

“Your Entrance was good, his was better! The Difference? showmanship!” – The Riddler

The overall film’s score is 36 tracks, these are mostly on disc 1, but part of them cross to disc 2. There are two bonus tracks which are featured after the fact on disc 2. Then the rest of disc 2 is the original album score that was released 20 years ago. This is what I love about La La Land Records, they go above and beyond to give us a full film score from beginning to end. After which our appetites are whetted, they go and give us the original score as it was released in 1995. As I’m listening through this music, there is so much more to it than what Elfman gave us in Batman Returns. Do not misunderstand me, I love Danny Elfman scores, but Batman Returns through no fault of Elfman…. was more of a Batman horror flick. At least in my eyes. People say Batman & Robin is bad… I think Returns is my least favorite out of the original Bat films. However we are here talking about Forever! This film’s score is filled with high octane action music, as well as slow emotional tones. The slow emotional stuff happens more so when we are dealing with Bruce attempting to remember the night his parents were murdered. Track 32: “Fun And Games” has an amazingly tuned funny opening. Then it gets dark, and brutal. I believe this was the cue from when the villains were playing Battleship. LOVE that music right there!!!

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Disc 2 Total Time: 76:35

“Holy Rusted Metal Batman!” – Robin

Track 56: “Holy Rusted Metal” At the one point in the film, you really need to hear what Batman is saying. Yet the music drowns him out. This track is from the scene where Batman and Robin get onto the island, and Robin says, “Holy Rusted Metal Batman!”! A nod to Burt Ward and Adam West in the 1966 Batman TV Series. Even if you don’t like this film on the whole, everyone has to admit that there are multiple scenes that they like. I’ll say that it is interesting hearing the originally released score on Disc 2. It’s all great music, and we have 56 total tracks in their entirety encapsulate Batman Forever. However I kinda prefer the expanded 36 track score that is presented here. Nothing against the other 20 tracks, but I love it when the full film score is presented to me. I’m not saying that the 20 tracks on disc 2 that make up the Originally released score aren’t complete. I just feel that the disc 1 score and part of disc 2 capture everything from the film much better.

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Batman Forever is still to this day one of my favorite Bat film scores. between this and Danny Elfman’s Batman 89 score… I’m set for my “classic” Bat film music! I highly recommend it. I know I only mentioned two or three tracks in each discs’ review, but that’s because on a whole it is all awesome!!!! You can get this Battastic score from LA LA Land Records directly! So there ya have it Bat Fans, go jump in the Batmobile and grab this epic score!

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Batman is FOREVER The Dark Knight!

Batman Forever's music by Elliot Goldenthal will always reach my inner Bat Geek's heart. Because it is so bombastic in places. It crafts a Batman theme that is boastful yet unabashedly unique from what Elfman's theme was.

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