Review of Dumb and Dumber To (Semi-Spoilers)

Directed By:  Bobby Farrelly, Peter Farrelly

Written By: Sean Anders,  Mike Cerrone

Starring:  Jim Carrey, Jeff Daniels, Rob Riggle

Twenty years ago, three Jim Carrey films premiered in one year.   Ace Ventura, The Mask, and Dumb and Dumber.   One was memorable, another a cult classic, and the third was just trying way to hard.  Try to guess which is which.   Jim Carrey is a fun presence to watch.   He’s rubber faced, and I’m impressed what he can do with his body…Jeff Daniels I love in almost anything he is in…


…I just couldn’t get into this one.   Maybe that prequel left a bad taste in my mouth.   I dunno, I see that the characters are supposed to be a comedy team from years ago.   And the Farrely Bros did a great job with The Three Stooges film back in 2012.   There’s even a touch of continuity.   As you recall in the last film Lloyd said he had a daughter.


Granted I did love the joke of Harry in the coma.   And Lloyd thinking it was the greatest thing ever…but I get the entire joke.  They’re not smart, and Buster Keaton once said “People like a slow thinker.”   However if you’ve seen the commercials, and the first movie, you’ve technically seen the second.   The first one had a 1920’s – ’30’s right out of Three Stooges plot.   Now just like when Harry asks Lloyd what the most annoying sound is?   I just find these guys to be annoying.


As I’ve stated the plot deals with the duo looking for Lloyds long lost daughter.   Kathleen Turner was the mother, who gave the child up.   Kathleen (once the hottest, most desirable smoked too much look at her now), Turner has a cameo…but let’s move one shall we?   It just deals with Harry and Lloyd on this cross country trip.   The adoptive father told the duo that the daughter is at a scientific conference.   And that they have to bring something to her.

It also goes back to well that the guys don’t know they’re involved in a family crime.  So it’s Dumb and Dumber 2: Electric Dumb-aloo.    But instead of Harry falling in love with Lauren Holly, it may be Lloyd’s daughter.  All I’m seeing is a mimicked plot…and some “Dumb Jokes,” here and there.   Other than that there is no originality.

The best jokes, were the guys riding a Bike on a moving bus.  Or Lloyd trying to befriend a rabid dog.   Yet the adoptive parents being Asian scene…it’s almost taking a moment from Anchorman 2 last year, when Ron Burgundy was dating his Black boss.   The awkward racial jokes just make a person cringe.   Whether it’s coming out of the idiots character or not.

Fein-Al Verdict

Jim and Daniel have a blast playing these characters.  I got that, but the plot is just…hey we’re back…now what?   A few years ago Will Ferrell and John C. Reilly played child like men.   I think the movie was called Stepbrothers.  It was disturbing to see, those two with the ability yo grow up.   Harry and Lloyd being stupid…if they were long lost Abbott and Costello knock off’s fine…here…in this universe….I dunno…it’s more scary than funny.

Rent it once at best.

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Want to see the most annoying sequel ever?

It's nice to see Jim and Jeff working together again. The writing tries to hard, but doesn't go without a fight. The sequel that no one asked for but got anyway.

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