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The Expendables 2

The Expendables 2 (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Bam Bam Barney Ross and the rest of The Expendables are back! This time the film adds more of Arnold and Willis, as well as a NEW Villain in JCVD! Here’s a review of the score by Brian Tyler!

EX 2 Bad Attitude

These movies are so DAMN FUN!!!!! As I said in my review of the first film’s score… The Expendables Franchise is meant to give us what we always wanted as kids. The 80s action star team up movies!!! There is just so much to like about these films. At least the first two films so far. I have yet to see the third one. But I think it’s only now that you could do these movies not have them feel like a grab at past stardom. How they rearrange the classic lines is awesome. Like this exchange between Trench and Church:

Trench: I’ll be back.

Church: You’ve been back enough. I’ll be back.


Trench: Yippee-ki-yay.”

It’s just a fun little ass backwards nod to each of their previous characters. Let us face it though Arnold has NEVER stopped being “The Terminator” Then there’s the fact that they go out and get an action star to really be the baddest of the bad Villain. In the first film we had Eric Roberts. While he was bad, he wasn’t truly EVIL to me. But getting JCVD…? OH hell that guy can play the evilest of Villains. I love how they expand on the first film, and we see that they have added a new team member outside of The Expendables friends zone. One of my favorite lines, because it’s sotrue is said by Barney:

Barney Ross: Why is it that one of us who wants to live the most, who deserves to live the most dies, and the ones that deserve to die keep on living? What’s the message in that?

The Expendables 2 brings the team to a whole new dynamic and level. It adds things, while making the villain more dangerous, and just keeps on being fun. Action movies are meant to have action and fun, but they can also be very serious. The music Brian Tyler crafted for this installment of the franchise is equally epic and awesome. It feels like it’s meant for this film only, and not just a copy of other works by Mr. Tyler. That last sentence might sound like I’m saying he’s copying himself, but I’m really not saying that. IF you listen to one composer or artist enough, you tend to hear similarities in the musical styles. Between Expendables 1 and 2… there are some of the same themes, but they are two VERY different scores. The reason for this is the different tones in the each of the films.

EX 2 Trench Barney Chruch

The image above here is one of the reasons why I really like this film franchise!!!! It brings together the old guard in a way I don’t think we’ve seen before. So with Brian’s score of this film there are 14 tracks. With a total album time being 57 minutes. The action themes that are in this music are great, and then Tyler gives us such great emotional tones like in Track 7 “Preparations” This is a time in the film that the team has to get ready for hunting down JCVD and the bad guys. It also marks the time for Bartney to reflect on Billy the Kid.

EX 2 Booker

holy crap it’s Chuck norris! Now that is someone I was NOT expecting to see in these films. I pretty much like the entire score here. Tyler always has excelled in bringing us wonderfully done scores. Some of my favorite tracks from this on are Track 13 “Dueling Blades”, Track 14 “Escape”, Track 8 “Party Crashers”, Track 10 “Countdown, and of course Track 1 “The Expendables Return” This opening track sets the tone for the entire film. Track 2 “Fists Knives and Chains” is another great track. It has a bit of the villainous theme in it, and for me it really pulled me into the movie.

Final Thoughts:

The Expendables 2 score is action packed music to go along with an action packed film. I have to say as I was watching the film in order to write the review of the score, that there were times when I didn’t even notice the music. This is not a bad thing, but because these films are the hot 80s action we always wanted…. They are VERY LOUD, especially with the funs and everything. However going to the score and listening to it outside the film. Well that made me appreicate the film so much more. If you liked the first score and film, I’m pretty sure you’ll like this one. Now I just need to see The Expendables III.

EX 2 Team


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Back For War!

The Expendables 2 score ramps up the action even more than the first film!

The Expendables 2 soundtrack score by Brian Tyler is tailored to the evnts of the film very well. There are high action moments in the composition, and then there are slow emotional moments. A score for everyone that loves action mocies!!!

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