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Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Are you a fan of 80s Action Movies? Do you wanna see Rambo, The Terminator, John McLane, and many others in a team up movie? Then The Expendables Franchise is for you. Here’s a review of the first film’s score, and so much more from TFG1Mike!

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For me this franchise is everything I EVER wanted out of an action movie made for action film fans! A lot of people have said that this franchise is for old 80s action stars to relive the glory days. I have to severely disagree with that. SURE they are older now, but Stallone and crew have really stepped up their game in order to make these films.

And YES This first installment has the standard mercenaries go in save the day, save the girl, kill the bad guys plot. However it is more fun watching Stallone, Statham, and Li do it than most other action films these days. The action, fight scenes, and explosions are done just right. The animosity between Arnold, Stallone, and Willis is great in the Church scene. Eric Roberts is the quintessential bad guy former agent of the CIA. Honestly there wasn’t a scene in the film that I thought was bad.

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As most of you fine readers know… or should know by now I’m a HUGE Brian Tyler Fan. I can’t remember if it started with his work on Transformers Prime or if it was Iron Man 3, or even going back to other stuff he has done. If I’ve liked it in the past without knowing it wa him doing the score…. I’ll go back and check everything out that he has done. This was one of those times that while I had seen The Expendables film before… I had NO idea it was Brian tyler on the score. you think that I’d know that, considering how I claim to be his biggest fan.

This score is filled with high octane action type music, and I love every minute of it. It has great tones and some great climactic music! Brian Tyler really knows how to deliver action packed music. I love how there is one theme for the team, and then you have several villain themes for the bad guys. I love the dark tones the instruments give in Track 14: “Trinity” I also enjoy how Tyler is able to squeeze so much music in tracks that are five minutes or less. While listening to this there were times when I was unsure of when tracks changed. The music flows that well.

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There are 20 tracks on this soundtrack, and honestly there’s not a bad one in the bunch. Some of my favorite tracks are Warriors, Losing His Mind, The Expendables, which is the main theme, Take Your Money, and Giant with a Shotgun. These tracks are during the battle scenes near the end of the film, and they fit so very well. Giant with a Shotgun is especially awesome because Hale Caesar uses that amazingly loud AA-12. There’s a gun that was definitely deserving of it’s own theme song.

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Track 2 “Aerial” is another amazing one. This is during the flight scene where Christmas in manning the gun on the plane. Freakin’ awesome scene and amazing track. Track 20 “Mayhem and Finale” is by far my favorite outside of the main theme. This track really brings you into the scene. Especially with how things are going for both the good and bad guys. I love how Tyler directs his orchestras, it seems like they are all in sync, and they’d have to be. But what makes this score a true gem is when you do not expect certain instruments to be in the tracks. Like in Track 12 “Surveillance” I didn’t expect the drums at the very beginning.

Final Thoughts:

Overall if you enjoyed the movie I think you’ll love the music by itself. That’s one thing I love doing. After seeing a film grabbing the score if it’s available, and seeing id I can listen to the music by itself. Most times I can. If you are a fan of this franchise and of Brian Tyler this is a release you don’t wanna miss. You can get it on iTunes Go out and grab this score, Because Stone Cold Said So!

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