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Eye For An Eye

La La Land Records keeps releasing scores for films that I never thought they would. With Eye For An Eye there are 22 total tracks on this release with an album time of 57:14. Here’s a review for the score, that I wasn’t sure I was gonna enjoy.

Eye For An Eye…… when that happens everyone goes blind. Seriously though until La La Land Records announced this score coming out, I had forgotten all about this film. I actually thought it was a different Sally Field film entitled “Not Without My Daughter” Which actually released in 1991. This 1996 crime thriller stars Sally Field, Keifer Sutherland, Ed Harris, and more. It’s about a mother whose daughter gets raped and murdered. The film then becomes about Sally Field’s character getting even with Sutherland’s character who committed the crime.

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James Newton Howard did the score for this film. I had heard his name before, but I still had to look up what else he has done. Then it dawned on me he worked with Hans Zimmer on The Nolan Bat films. Plus so many others that I can’t fit them all in here. I had to rewatch Eye For An Eye to see how the music fit in the film. That is usually my process with film scores. Watch the movie then listen to the music. I have to say going back and watching this film which is 18 years old at this point… I wasn’t that impressed with the film itself. I felt like I was watching a fully dramatized episode of any current crime show on the Investigation Discovery Channel.

EFAE - Villain

There are some wonderful tones in this score, and some very creepy music as well. Howard really gets the vibe of the film and composes the music around those events. There are times when you really feel for Sally Field’s character. Track 16: ” Karen Leaves Angel’s / Crime Scene / Doob Is Released” Is by far one of the more creepy tracks. Espically around the 1 minute mark. But I really dig it. What I notice about this score is that it has several tones in it that I don’t think I’ve heard elsewhere in film scores. Which is a very good thing. I did not find any of the music jarring or bad. Even though I’m not a fan of the film in general. There are several tracks I quite enjoyed listening to in writing this review. Some of my favorites are the Main Title, Courtroom/Casr Dismissed/ Still in Bed, Trashing Apartment, and Setup/It’s Very Personal. It’s strange that grat music can go with a film subject is not the best in the world.

Overall this release is an interesting one to add to your collection. It’s got some interesting instruments in it! I’m not sure how many people will enjoy the film itself though. The whole time I was watching Eye For An Eye it reminded me of the much better job Jennifer Lopez did in “Enough”

You can get this awesome score from LA LA Land Records directly! You can also find the track listing there!

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Eye For An Eye leaves everyone blind

Eye For An Eye's score is wonderfully creepy, and it has suspenseful tones in it. I can recommend you listen to the score, but can't recommend the film in general.

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