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WWE films much like the WWE has been pissing off fans for the past several years.   They either hire people who have directed XXX films.   Piss poor music videos…commercials of products you never heard of.  Now The Leprechaun series is no monster-piece in any, way, shape or form.   In my opinion it is an ghoul-ty pleasure.   Warwick Davis is on of the hardest “Little Person,” actors in the biz.  From working as an Ewok in Jedi-Willow-The Leprechaun.   The character was a cross between Chucky from Child’s Play and Freddy from Nightmare on Elm Street.

Pardon the pun..but I had "high hopes." For WWE's Hornsswaggle.
Pardon the pun..but I had “high hopes.” For WWE’s Hornsswaggle.

When I heard that the series was going to be rebooted…I sighed.  It didn’t work for Halloween.  It didn’t work for Friday the 13th.  It didn’t work for Nightmare…it’s not going to work for Leprechaun…and I was right.   Don’t believe me?   Then why was Curse of Chucky a sequel…not a remake?   Nuff said, what’s worse is that Warwick Davis passed the four leaf clover to WWE superstar Honrsswaggle.   I’m not saying that’s a bad thing.   I’m familiar with him, he’s funny…but why cake him in Lord of The Rings Orc makeup?   Oh and let’s not make him talk.

Now the slasher has no personality….and it’s a mess.   A Vince McMahon doesn’t get the WWE universe or the WWE Film Universe mess.  The plot?   Well it does take place in Ireland…or any country/backlot to make us believe it’s Ireland…who cares…LOL.   Four college students are visiting and an Irish Native overhears, one of the students is an History major.   So he offers the four to an dum…dum..dumm….Cabin in the Woods for a night.   Then the next day, he’ll take them to a secret Irish Castle not found in the tour books.


It turns out that the village, stole the gold from The Leprechaun’s.   So to appease them, the town lures unsuspected tourists to be sacrificed.  You know the drill for a standard slasher film.   One by one the humans die…one survives…the fate unknown…clue for a possible sequel…that’s it.    The problem is that these four college kids, have no traits/personalities/ect.   Both in R-E-E-L and Real life…they’re just meat puppets.  The story would be stronger…if I cared about the characters.   However I do not, the kills are unoriginal to boot.

The make up/special/effects are unimaginative.   The location shots are just shoddy.  The acting for the entire cast is wooden and boring.   The score is just…well need I go on?   To transition this from horror comedy – horror could work.   However, you had to make the college kids interesting/likable.   Give them the 1980’s horror traits.   Same with the townsfolk.   It’s like the director/writers/and producers just bought and watched 1980’s flicks and said…That’ll work.

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WWE Films…Suck….


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Per usual WWE films, just doesn't get plot, structure...ect. The Leprechaun caked in LOTR's Orc makeup...really? Cabin in the woods (how original). The Four College Students have no archetypes.

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