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John Debney is an amazing composer, and he does not dissapoint in this score for the 2013 film all about Steve JOBS. 

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Watching JOBS the other day, I felt this was yet another film about a person or series of events that changed the world. The only other film specific to technology or social media I can compare Jobs to is The Social Network. NOW before you Nine Inch Nails fans go all postal on me…. I’m not saying that the soundtrack to JOBS is better than Trent Reznor’s awesome music in The Social Network. I’m saying that in my mind the films are alike in the way that music adds in the telling of the story played out on screen.

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John Debney has immortalized Steve Jobs with this soundtrack. I say that, because of one thing. The fact that if you listen to any of the sample ringtones, text tones, or whatever on an iPhone… they all have this classic feel to them. Plus after seeing multiple Apple Events since 2008, I’d say the musical tones in the film JOBS, fit Steve very well. John Debney tells a story in soft tones, and also loud tones when they are needed. However I’d have to say that because of how inspirational Steve Jobs was, that’s what I thought the composer was going for with this score. Inspirational, fun, and cool music. A few of my favorite tracks are Think Different, Hey Woz/Dawn of Computers, Jobs Returns/Tours Apple, and Steve’s Theme the main title of the film.

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Watching the film, hearing how the score, and the actual songs that are played in the film, makes Jobs a damn good movie. The score on it’s own is a masterpiece in my mind. Something instrumentally that captures the essence of who Steve Jobs was.

What I love about these la La Land Records releases is the liner notes that come with the albums. Not only do you get cool images from the project, but you also get insights from the people crafting the music. That is just a nice little addition that this soundtrack company does!!

You can get this awesome score from LA LA Land Records directly! You can also find the track listing there!

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