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Kingsman The Secret Service might be the best spy film that isn’t linked to an overall franchise. Henry Jackman teams up with Matthew Margeson to craft a compelling, spy thrilling, action packed score! With 18 tracks comprising the score, it’s gonna be one helluva ride! Here’s TFG1Mike with a review of that set and his thoughts on the film overall.

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Everyone that comes to GCRN’s site, should know by now I’ll never change my ways. My way in that I judge films by trailers, because they are advertisements to decide whether I want to see a film or not. When I saw the Kingsman trailer, I have to admit I was intrigued. Then again I am a Bond, Bourne, and Mission: Impossible fan. I love a good spy thriller. Kingsman The Secret Service might be the best spy film not linked to a current franchise. The way the film plays out, even though the plot is reused….the pacing, the characters, and the action are all extremely well suited for today’s generation of film goers. It even harkens back to those of us that grew up watching Bond films. I can honestly say that my only nitpick is Valentine’s lisp. I didn’t quite care for it, but what are ya gonna do right? After all it is Samuel L. Jackson as a villain, and he plays villains so well. Jackman and Margeson have crafted a spy film score unlike any other. I’ve been listening to Kingsman The Secret Service’s score all day as I write this. The sound that the composers have crafted here is amazing. There are epic flowing sounds, to sinister villain music, and more. Each track fits the film like a gentleman’s glove! Kicking this score off is Track 01: “Manners Maketh Man” this starts with a rousing intense feeling. It evokes spy film action scenes. But this score isn’t just all action, oh no…. there’s several emotionally charged tracks in here as well. Track 03: “Valentine” is the villains theme, and it fits the character so well. It has this strange yet alluring flute in it, which pulls you into the film even more.

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Track 04: “To Become A Kingsman” starts off slow, and then builds into this epic sound for the British Secret Agents! What I found while watching the film, and now hearing the music is that the entire thing is unabashedly fun! FUN really is the keyword here. Kingsman The Secret Service is a film that does and does not take itself too seriously. We need more spy films like this. Where there is a threat, and the good guys have to win!!! When I said earlier that this score is also filled with emotionally charged music. I meant that when you get to Track 05: “Pick A Puppy” it starts off very sinister, and then evolves into this amazing heroic theme. Track 06: “Drinks With Valentine” adds to his villainous theme, and that magical flute is back again! The flute isn’t so high-pitched in the beginning of the track though. It starts off very low, and you can clearly tell the thought process behind having the hero and villain meet. After all Valentine’s plan is to have everyone kill everyone else. I find it funny that the villain doesn’t want to get his hands dirty. I mean there have been other villains like this. However Jackson’s performance is damn good. Valentine is so gullible especially in the scene where he actually shoots someone. This aint no video game dude! I knew as soon as we saw his conference when he said FREE internet forever… that was a RED Flag right there! I’m really trying not to spoil the film, because everyone needs to see it for themselves!!! Track 13: “Eat, Drink, And Paaaaarty” starts off with this haunting refrain, and builds the tension from there!!! Colin Firth alongside Michael Caine and the rest of the cast all do a damn fine job. Mark Strong who plays Merlin, could almost be a damn good adult version of Q from the Bond series these days. He plays the tech agent very well here. Coming in as the longest track on the score is Track 14: “Calculated Infiltration” with a time of 7:54. This is not a bad thing at all, because it is the entire sounding board backdrop for the Kingsman to stop Valentine! Track 17: “Finale” brings the score to a amped ending. There are tones in this track that are heroic and villainous all at the same time.

Total Disc Time: 57:27

If I had to pick my 5 favorite tracks from this score they’d be the following….. #’s 1, 3, 4, 6, 14, and 17! I love the themes from each one, and it really makes for some awesome spy music! Jackman and Margeson have outdone themselves here! There’s also Track 18: “Original Valentine Ideas (Demo Suite)” this final track lets you hear the stages the composers went through to craft the Valentine themes. That is always very interesting to me.

Final Thoughts

Kingsman The Secret Service is an excellent film, and Jackman alongside Margeson make a great team here! It’s a very gentlemanly spy film score! You can get this superspy score from LA LA Land Records directly! This aint that kinda score!!

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Margeson and Jackman craft a fun spy film score, for a fun spy film! The music is like a spy special sauce. It adds so much to the film. If you like spy films, you'll love Kingsman, and it's music!

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