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Now You See Me (Full Score)

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The more you listen, the less you’ll hear! Brian Tyler’s next film after Iron Man 3 was Now You See Me. Here’s a review of that soundtrack score!

NYSM - TheShow

I’ve never been the biggest fan of Magic acts. Nor have I been the biggest fan of magic acts in film. I dunno why, it just has never really caught on with me. However after seeing Now You See Me, my mind might have been changed. It’s not even JUST because Brian Tyler did the score for the film. However that does help. Now You See Me is a spectacular film, filled with wonder, and imagination. It also has mystery, intrigue, and suspense! Brian Tyler is a masterful magician with the music for this film. Every cue fits each part of this movie so very well.

NYSM - 52Ways

Something I NEED to point out to you the reader is that the soundtrack on iTunes IS A LIE! It shows only 12 tracks, and 3 of those aren’t even by Tyler. So I saw his fanpage post about his SoundCloud page, and the FULL Score was there. Which means twenty five tracks all from the film itself. Tyler does a wonderful job, bringing in NEW elements to the score, by creating mystery behind the music.

NYSM - NextGreat

The main theme entitled “Now You See Me” is an epic and very elegant overall theme for the film. It pulls you in, and makes you wonder JUST how did they do that! This is one case where the music adds to the mystery and magical element of a film. It has some great horn and drums sections, as well as an overall beat that any film score music listener will enjoy immensely. Other great tracks are “The Team”, “Chess Moves”, “Spoon Bender”, and “Bridge Pursuit” I do enjoy all 25 tracks, but if I were to single out any of these tracks, and put them in a compilation itunes list. Those would be the choices, as well as Tracks 22-24!

NYSM - 3Secs

The beginning of Track 22 entitled “JellyJam” Tyler uses something that we all always hated and loathed. That AOHell dialup sound effect. It fits beautifully in with the rest of the track as it’s kinda a background noise sound. Track 23 entitled “misdirection” takes the main theme, and reuses it in a very interesting way. It starts off like the main theme, and then gets softer, and pulls you into the film even more. Track 24 “Piecing It Together” is another great track, because it mesmerizes you in the beginning. It starts off with a very low and slow beat, and then as the action amps up, so does the music.

NYSM - Remember

Do yourself a favor and check this film score out! Just another great set piece in Brian Tyler’s long running film scores that are awesome!!! You can get this awesome score from Brian Tyler’s SoundCloud directly! You can also find the track listing there!

NYSM - MagicWord

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