Review of Parker (2013)

Review of Parker

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Parker is a 2013 Crime film, starring Jason Statham and Jennifer Lopez. I was super stoked when I saw the trailer, but never got out to the theater to see it. So before 2013 ends, I’ve finally caught up to it. There might be minor spoilers in this review. 

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Parker is your standard action film, starring Jason Statham in a role we’ve all seen before. In this role he manages to combine many of his other roles he has played, except The Transporter seems to be the most to what the character of Parker is. I’m not complaining about this, I’m just pointing it out. This is one of Statham’s more subtle less shit goes crazy films. The basic plot here is Parker is a thief, a job goes bad, his team double crosses him, and he wants to get back at them. Your classic revenge action film. Actually the whole time I was watching this, I was wondering when Porter Mel Gibson’s character from Payback would show up. Because honestly this is the EXACT same plot as that, except it’s not as violent as Payback was. This is the first film I’ve seen J-Lo in since Jersey Girl, honestly after American Idol, I had no idea she was still acting.

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The characters are nothing new, we’ve seen them in a million other films. The interesting thing is seeing how aged Nick Nolte has become. I barely recognized him. I think that the shining moments for me in this were the ones with Michael Chiklis’s character and Statham’s character. I did enjoy watching the film, I’m not trying to give this a bad review, but it feels and really is Hollywood recycling itself.

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See this film is the perfect example why I only see the major franchises in theaters. Whilst I did WANT to see Parker in a theater I never did. Because after watching on Netflix I felt it was a good home media film, not a good theatrical film. The stunts are all great, the action is adequate, and the characters are developed throughout the film. however the one thing I thought was missing was an argument between Leslie (Lopez’s character) and Amber the elitist real estate agent she stole the client from. The rest of the film moves along at a decent, but not too slow, or not too fast of a pace. The hotel scene where Parker gets ambushed by the assassin sent by the mob was very familiar when it reached it’s climax. The two men end up hanging off the 20 something story hotel balcony. I swear that was also in Cradle to the Grave. Seee… Hollywood recycling itself. The only difference is that Statham didn’t descend floor by floor like Jet Li did.

Overall I enjoyed watching the film, but it’s not a perfect film at all. I liked the story, even though I’d seen it before. If you are a Jason Statham fan, I’d say see this, but if you want a better action film watch The Expendables series. Now as I said this isn’t the worst film ever, but it isn’t the best. I enjoyed the chemistry between all the characters, so I’ll give it three and a half stars outta five. Which is I liked it.

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  1. I didn’t watch this out of spite as it ruined the Parker character. Those novels are awesome and the first movie that actually uses the characters real name is this? Wow..Point Blank can’t use the real name but this can? That makes no sense to me.

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