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Everyone knows the theme to The Addams Family right? Well La-La Land Records has released a limited edition CD Score for the first film. Here’s TFG1Mike’s review of that score!


The Addams Family…. whether the old TV show, their appearances in Scooby Doo or this film, you know and love the characters in this universe. 1991 was a magical time, and Raoul Julia brought Gomez Addams to life! Angelica Houston on the other hand was his devilishly delightful wife Morticia! I remember seeing this film, and loving it. Even on a recent rewatch I think it still holds up today. I love Lurch, Thing, and seeing Cousin It in the film.

Marc Shaiman does a very impressive job of nailing the music to the bed! The themes that accompany this 1991 film classic are amazing. To think that after all these years that most of this music has been unreleased is a CRIME! Or it should be a crime. This single disc release from La La Land Records is 30 tracks. 6 tracks out of the 30 are bonus tracks, and the run time is 70:07!

I LOVE the main theme which is track 2 on the disc. It starts off with the classic Addams Family tune, then moves into the theme of the film. Other tracks that I LOVE on this set are Thing at the Door A Part… For Me? Thing Gets to Work, and The Finale! it’s 70 mins of hair raising, fun loving music. If you are ready for a creepy spooky funny good time you are gonna wanna check this out. So go back to 1991 and listen to the music from one of the BEST films of that year! The way Shaiman compiles chords and notes together, it’s eerie as the film is somewhat meant to be.

What I love about these La La Land Records releases is the liner notes that come with the albums. Not only do you get cool images from the project, but you also get insights from the people crafting the music. That is just a nice little addition that this soundtrack company does!!

If you were a TV Series or Film fan The Addams Family movie score is for you. It brings you back to a time when scary movies were best as comedies. Well that’s my opinion anyway. As I’m not a horror genre fan. But The Addams Family as a horror-comedy… I simply love! The characters and all of it are great. Now we finally have the music to go along with it.

You can get this awesome score from LA LA Land Records directly! You can also find the track listing there!

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The Thing gives this a thumbs up!

Spooktacular Fun Music!

Marc Shaiman does an excellent job in composing one of the best film scores of the early 90s. He works in the creepy music with the comedic so very well.

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