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Thor: The Dark World

Thor_ The Dark World (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Motion Picture Soundtrack

Brian Tyler was to be the musican to score Thor: The Dark World. He is also the creator of the NEW Marvel Fanfare. Here’s a review of that soundtrack score!

This review brought to you by Santa MovieRevolt Dan! Thanks for the iTunes gift! In the past 12 hours I’ve listened to this album four times all the way through!!!

So most of you might already know this, but for those that are new to reading my reviews…. I’ve NEVER cared for Thor… unless it’s the comedic type of character as seen in The SuperHero Squad Show!

I saw the first film and wasn’t very into it at all. I dunno what it is about Asgard and those characters, but I just don’t care. Sure Hiddelston as Loki was great! It was about the only great thing in the film, because I finally saw a Loki portrayal that was actually good. I prefer to see Thor alongside The Avengers, and arguing with The Hulk.


So when Thor: The Dark World was announced, I was like ok… I’ll skip it. I just had no interest in seeing the film. Even the fact that my favorite current film composer was doing the music, didn’t make me want to see it. THAT is saying a lot for me, since I always sing the praises of Brian Tyler. I have now seen Thor: The Dark World, I loved the music in it, Tyler knows how to create some awesome themes! The plot of the film didn’t quite grab me, shake me, and say … this is the BEST thing ever.


But Tyler’s 26 track score really did grab me, it’s a wonderfully composed film score. I enjoy it even without watching the film. Some of my favorite tracks are “Thor: The Dark World”, “Shadows of Loki”, “Sword and Council”, “Beginning of the End”, and “As The Hammer Falls” All have wonderful slow moments, and big action cues. The emotional moments on screen with the characters are well detailed in Brian Tyler’s music, and the emotion is brought forth. “Battle Between Worlds” has great epic moments, as does “As The Hammer Falls” It’s amazing to me how any composers can fill a short amount of time, with some of the biggest music ever! “Legacy” The final film track brings you into the wonderment of Thor’s world, and it also gives you a glimpse to hearing other Marvel characters.


Marvel approached Brian Tyler to do their very first FanFare music to go along with their NEW Marvel Studios Logo. He created something that sounds so Marvel, it’s very mind boggling. You can see the new logo below and hear the fanfare as well.

While I’m not a huge fan of the film, the score for Thor: The Dark World is spectacularly done. If you are a film score buff like me, you should definitely add this to your collection. It has some of the best music in a Marvel movie ever. <—Yes you read that right! Even though I love the Iron Man 3 score more than the Thor score, it still deserves all the praise in The Dark World!

You can get this awesome score from iTunes directly! You can also find the track listing there!

See the Marvel Fanfare Here:

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