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Transformers: Age of Extinction

Transform and Roll Out, for an epic score done by Steve Jablonsky. Yes that’s right La La Land Records released a limited edition cd score for TF 4 Age of Extinction. Here’s TFG1Mike’s review of it.


La La Land Records has done it again! When Matt Verboys from La La Land Records said he’d send me this for review, I immediately removed it from my iTunes wishlist. I’ll admit right off the bat, that Steve Jablonsky’s scores for the TF live action films have not been tops on my list of soundtracks to get. Not because they are bad, they aren’t. However I had other albums and stuff I wanted more. After looking into Mr. Jablonsky’s career, I must say I was not expecting to see that he was the composer on Desperate Housewives. He has worked with Michael Bay a total of 6 times, between the 4 TF films, Pain & Gain, and The Island. I’ve only heard his composition in the Transformers films. Honestly until the TF live action films started happening, I’d never heard of Steve Jablonsky before.

TF4AOE Image #1 Lockdown

So this album from Age of Extinction has a total of 23 tracks, with a running time of 77:50. 5 of the 23 tracks include background vocals by Imagine Dragons. The is the ONE thing I LOVE most about this score!!!! The five tracks are….  Track 2 “Best Thing The Ever Happened”, Track 7 “Hacking the Drone”, Track 10 “Your Creators Want You Back, Track 21 “Honor to the End”, and Track 22 “Leave Planet Earth Alone”. I thought that was a nice touch allowing one of the most popular groups in the world right now to do backing vocals on instrumental tracks. So the 5 tracks that Imagine Dragons are on are my overall faves from this score. After that I like “Galvatron is Active”, “Have Faith in Prime”, and “Cemetery Wind”

TF4AOE Image #3 Autobot hound

What is so great about this score, regardless of your opinions on the film… is that Jablonsky combines classical instruments with modern technology. This score sounds to me like what a Transformer would sound like in battle, while transforming, or any other action the giant robots would take. Listen to Track 3 for example… this track entitled “I Am an Autobot, has both traditional instruments and electronic sounds in it. I love the epic grand scope that Jablonsky and his team crafted this score to be. Because let’s face it this is a completely different Transformers film, than the previous three. While I’m sure the other scores for the other films have that robotic feel to them. This was the first one where the music made sense to me as I was watching the film. The funny thing about this score is that apparently Hans Zimmer is also credited as having worked on it with Steve Jablonsky. What’s funny about this is that I do not hear any of Hans’s influence in any of the tracks.

TF4AOE Image #5 Grimlock

Overall I really dug this score. I actually have been having it play on repeat for two weeks since I got it in the mail. Then again, maybe it took me two weeks to write this review, who knows…. right? You can get this awesome score from LA LA Land Records directly! So there ya have it Til All Are One!!!

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Til All Are One!

A Score filled with Hauntingly wonderful themes!

Transformers Age of Extinction was a film that felt like I was taking a breath of fresh air. SURE there are issues with the film, but in comparison to the other three live action Transformers films TF4 was the best for me. Steve Jablonsky's score just adds to the film overall. The score is well executed, and delivers soothingly haunting sounds to the ear.

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