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X-Files Fight the Future

The X-Files: Fight the Future

You might be looking at this and saying…… why is TFG1Mike writing this? Well it’s a conspiracy! I’ve got the scoop on the La La Land Records release of The X-Files: Fight the Future score by Mark Snow!

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La La Land Records has done it again! They’ve released a score I would have never thought they would have. The X-Files: Fight the Future composed by Mark Snow is here and has a Total Disc Time of 75:48. With 28 tracks this score embodies the film so well. There are 2 additional tracks adding up to 28, and then there are several tracks that were previously unreleased. So here’s the deal. I’m NOT a fan of The X-Files. I remember watching the pilot episode wayyy back in the 90s and it freaked me out. So I actively avoided the series throughout it’s run. I do like the characters of Mulder and Scully, and the theme song, but other than that I’ve never been a fan. I’m probably wrong on this, but I could’ve sworn the ad campaign when this came out teased that Mulder and Scully would finally become a couple. That was the whole reason WHY I even went to see the fiolm in 1998. YES even though I wasn’t a fan of the show I was suckered into seeing the film in the theater with friends.

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Really enjoyed emersing myself in this score. I do enjoy the film, even though the beginning scenes and a few other scenes as we go along with the aliend are too fory for me. It still is a very enjoyable film. The music just adds to the enjoyment. I think that my favorite overall track is Track 1: “Threnody in “X”” Since it includes the main theme of the series. As I listened to this score outside of the film, I realized how creepy certain parts of the film are to me with the music. Track 15: “Corn Copters” is another favorite. I dunno why I always love that scene in the film, and the music fits that chase so well. Track 24: “Pod Monster Suite” is very intense and interesting. The usage of certain instruments or effects in that one makes it a stand out track for me.

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Overall this score is interesting, instense, intriguing, and so much more. It really gives the film weight, and a depth that I hadn’t noticed before. It takes the events of the film and translates them into musical tones. There are times in several tracks like Track 26: “Facts” where there is an almost mystery fel to the music. Because this track takes place near the end of the film, I can see why the mysterious sounds are abound! Really enjoyed listening to Mark Snow’s score for Fight the Future!

Once again there are some great liner notes with this disc release! A wonderful write up on the film, and the TV series. As well as a few conversations with Mark Snow, from the time when the film was being made. It just goes to show you that La La Land Records goes all out for each CD release! You can get this awesome score from LA LA Land Records directly! You can also find the track listing there!

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Fighting the Future with Mark Snow's superb score!

The X-Files: Fight the Future Limited Edition score produced by La La Land Records is hauntingly beautful. Each of the 28 tracks has something that will either creep you out, make you jump, or just make you want to know more about the film and the TV series!

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