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Steve Megatron’s Top 10 Animated Films


So I know making a Top 10 is almost not easy to do in the Animated film realm but I attempted it. I was hoping to show at least right now what I would consider the Top 10 Animated Films. My lists depending on what I’ve been binging or what I’ve enjoyed tend to go through phases of what I’d consider the Top 10. In this list however are many that stay in that Top 10 but move around within it. The Voices, Story, Animation and Music seem to be the best aspects of all of these. I can nitpick but the fun involved in these films allows for pure enjoyment to kick in. Nostalgia plays a part in most of these or in their origin characters if not in the original incarnation but I find that these seem to still grasp the overall premise of each. Some of these utilize the best of the heroes and villains, whether in origin story or in continuing the fight. I think you’ll enjoy this list and if not feel free to comment below and I can examine it more on the next Altered Geek podcast!













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